Why Do People Still Buy Record Players?

By Ankit
Jan 13, 2023 Reading time : 3 min

With the pumping record player sales in 2022, what was supposed to be a bygone has established itself as a timeless music apparatus. It still surprises many how turntables have outlived cassettes, CD players, and other technologies that succeeded them.

Despite the digital advancements, Millenials and Gen-Zs also jumped into this comeback trend, which aroused the curiosity of the market. Forum queries are bursting with questions on why people still spend their money on stuff presumed by many as near-extinct tech. If that question led you here, we hope to satisfy you with the below answers.

Turntables As Vintage Investments

People who collect antiques and dusty, silver trinkets would quickly fall in love with a vintage turntable. Apart from instantly bestowing an area with a retro vibe, many circulating record player units crafted before the 90s are still working fine. Thus, they serve more than just a decorative.

In a few years, antique record players could easily be worth more than their purchase price. Unlike CD players, their value increases over time as long as they remain in good working condition.

Continuous Vinyl Record Releases

The non-stop vinyl record production encourages the market to plunge into this blast from the past craze. Even handlers of artists like Taylor Swift had no qualms releasing her newest album in vinyl format.

Not only in the west, as different cultures also invest in vinyl/turntable media. Japanese anime vinyl records get sold out fast. Popular South Korean Boyband, BTS, had their 2021 album, Butter, on vinyl.

With no signs of slowing down, this ceaseless output of records signals consumers to continue purchasing turntables and vinyl albums.

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It is Still Easy to Maintain a Turntable

Regularly testing and cleaning record players are a few ways to keep them in tip-top condition. However, its maintenance would require replacement parts and some specialty instruments. While it may sound intimidating, securing these materials is easy nowadays.

Many marketplaces offer a wide range of protective accessories and spare parts. There are plenty of versatile choices when searching for replacement styli. However, the Jico stylus is easily the best in terms of clarity, fit, and construction. 

The online availability of turntable parts and other materials is a game-changing reality. It is also a testament to the demand for these items. Moreover, easy access to these supplies makes it more convenient for anyone to take home a turntable. All of these led to the lasting allure of record players.

Modern Record Players are Affordable

Decent turntables that connect seamlessly to different devices are surprisingly more affordable than vintage models. Entry-level devices from Victrola and other brands may cost over $50. If you seek fancier units, you can’t get a brilliant package for only $300.

Apart from classic, bulky articles, there are portable versions for travelers who would love a turntable experience by the beach or while camping. Still, huge units make a romantic decor in a spacious room and are perfect conversation starters. There are plenty of ways to enjoy these affordable record players, and they all add up to the concrete reasons why people still buy them.

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