Why Is Web Development Bootcamp Necessary for Your Career?

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join web development bootcamp for your career

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of web developers is expected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all other occupations. Moreover, the average annual salary of a web developer has seen a boost of 4.9% from last year and has reached USD 86,000. 

The ever-growing popularity of smart devices and e-Commerce sites is driving demand. Now when we are living in the era of digitization, we are dependent on the web for almost every task. From shopping to booking tickets, from insurance to paying bills, we are acquainted with our gadgets and the web. 

Basically, web developers design and create websites for businesses. You can work in the computer system design or related service industry, or you can be self-employed as well. Today every sector needs web developers such as advertisement, finance, management consulting, publishing, and many more. The demand for more and more applications has elevated the demand for programmers or web developers to keep up with the demand.

When you have plenty of options to work in, you surely can have a career of your dreams. What if you go with a web development bootcamp

A survey conducted by Course Report states that 80% of coding bootcamps graduates were recruited in jobs leveraging skills that they learned in bootcamps. Moreover, the report states that there is a 51% hike in the salary of those who were surveyed.

Let’s see what bootcamps are.

What are Coding Bootcamps?

Put simply, coding bootcamps are short and intensive training programs that teach candidates programming skills that are required by employers. With bootcamps, you get detailed, top-quality learning, highlighting speed and intensity in the learning process. On average, a bootcamp may range from 12 to 40 weeks. The training program is so designed that it packs up as much learning as possible in the given slot of time. This is because there is a lot of relevant information to be trained within the given time. This is why bootcamps cover the skills that are applicable to the required position.

When bootcamps provide flexibility and convenience in learning, they are at its best. Apart from providing students with a fully-loaded, information-rich curriculum, some of the best bootcamps are enhanced by hands-on projects that provide you with opportunities to apply newly earned skills and knowledge. A boot camp also helps you with access to job recruitment resources, in order to find the right position in an extensive field of hiring companies.

A Programming Bootcamp is a quicker and reasonable way to begin or shift to a career in web development. With a programming bootcamp, you can gain the skills required for programming without even going to college and pursuing a four-year degree. 

Generally, programming is referred to as a means of developing an executable machine language program which is a fully functional software solution. Typically, it covers the planning, designing, testing, deploying, and maintenance of the web application. 

A majority of bootcamps cover at least one programming language which may include .Net, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and PHP. 

Why is Bootcamp Important?

We know that there is a surge in the demand for web developers worldwide. In the digital era, people are looking for ways to enter into this domain without going through traditional education. It is here when bootcamps come into action. Coding/programming bootcamp fits into this niche, with the assurance of teaching you the required skills to prepare you for a successful career in web development. So if you wish to transition your career in web development, a coding bootcamp is what will help you. 

Technology is giving shape to the world around us, and software is taking over. This has changed our lifestyle drastically, fueling the demand for candidates with software engineering skills who are capable of creating web applications that we use in our routine lives. 

A coding bootcamp proves to be a viable path and serves as an alternative to a four-year degree. 

Working of Coding Bootcamp

Since boot camps have a condensed time frame for providing training to the candidates, they have two pillars which are speed and effective learning.


When you have two options for becoming a web developer: a four-year degree or a bootcamp that generally ranges from 12 to 40 weeks, obviously you would choose a bootcamp. 

Further, the degree course trains you without connecting you to the real-world scenario. On the other hand, coding bootcamps choose the most relevant skills to be taught from the degree course and immerse it with required industry skills. In this way, a bootcamp bridges the gap between the theoretical world of academics and the real-world meeting the current demands of the industry.

Effective Learning

The most important feature of bootcamp is its effective or high-impact learning. It handpicks the skills that are most relevant to the industry. It trains you with only the skills to make you a successful web developer. 

Since there is a time frame in which training has to be completed, all the unnecessary skills are removed from the training program. This is the reason why coding bootcamps are designed for people who wish to maximize their coding skills in a minimum time during an intensive training environment.

Coding Languages

The most critical part to become a web developer is coding languages. Most of the companies such as Airbnb, GitHub, Netflix, eBay, Uber, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, look for candidates who are skilled in either of the coding languages which may include Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java, .Net. You can even hire python developers who are skilled in Python coding language.

The practical idea is to master any one of the programming languages, which is chosen according to the company you wish to get hired into. 


As we know that coding bootcamps focus on the most important aspects of coding and its application of these coding-skills in solving real-world challenges. You learn to build applications at a professional level that helps you build the foundation to make your employment ready.

Going with web development bootcamps can help you make a successful transition to this domain and have the career of your dreams.

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