Should I Hire A Flutter Developer or A Team of Developers?

Updated On May 27, 2023 | by Alex Jones

why hire flutter development team

Flutter is a software development kit that runs on Dart and allows programmers to create cross-platform mobile apps in iOS and Android from a single codebase. When entrepreneurs or business owners want to develop a mobile app using the flutter framework, an important decision to make is whether to hire flutter app developers or a solo programmer to handle the project. This critical decision in app development can determine the success or otherwise of the app post-development. This is true for both startups or existing businesses. Over the years, even as many developmental kits have been introduced, app development is still a complex endeavor and requires a high level of skills for existing and new applications. To hire a flutter developer, a set of skills need to be considered. However, a freelance developer is a self-employed developer with a set of specific much-in-demand skills while the team of developers is a collection of developers in a structured organization that works well together.

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Why to Hire a Flutter Developer

So, how do you decide between a flutter developer and a development team?  Well, here we will explore the comparison between the two options of whether to hire a freelance flutter developer to work on your project or trusting it to a dedicated team of developers.

Project Complexity

The complexity of the project should be considered when looking to hire an app developer. You should do your own analysis and take into consideration factors like the target base of the app on different levels, costs of developing the project, development timeframe, project’s risk profile, scalability requirements for business growth, use of a relatively new framework like Flutter, number of key functionalities, documentation and more. These will all contribute to the overall complexity of the project and the more complex a project the more it is advisable to hire a dedicated team of developers to build it as using flutter for complex projects require high-level skills for front-end and back-end development. Small or one-time developments might not need a team working on them but if the project is large, within a long timeframe, then it is better to get a team of flutter developers.

Required Technical Skills

Most flutter developers are skilled and professionally experienced in one specific area on their own. The technical skills needed to develop your app whether from scratch or an existing app will determine what kind of developers you’ll choose. Even though many developers will want to sell themselves as being skilled in all, it is common knowledge that no one can know everything. Having a team of developers offers a wider range of skills and you don’t need to look for separate specialists to handle some specific part of the mobile app. You can get the full package that includes developers to handle consultation, ideation, UI/UX design, business analysis, prototyping, testing, development, and release of the mobile app. Teams are usually more up to date on new and emerging trends in Flutter’s developmental framework and the combined experience level will be advantageous.

Product Vulnerability

Development teams come with a certain level of checks and balances that help prevent app vulnerability. A lone Flutter developer can be skilled enough to build the app but inadvertently leave it prone to wrong exploitation whereby a team of developers will include quality assurance specialists that will help in preventing code exploits, compromising the quality and success of the product.

Project Time

With a dedicated team of developers, the mobile app can be developed using Flutter faster. The creation of a mobile application for Android and iOS entails different aspects and one flutter developer taking on each aspect, even if highly skilled, will most likely slow down the development process of the project. However, a team of developers can have different programmers and members working on different aspects of the process making it faster while maintaining quality.

Developer’s Rates

Hiring a Flutter developer is inherently cheaper than hiring a team of Flutter developers so many entrepreneurs, especially startups do tend to prefer hiring a developer. However, even though it seems more expensive at first, hiring a team will pay off in the long run with the additional services and full-cycle solutions they’ll offer that you might have to pay for separately if you hire a developer

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