9 Reasons Why You Should Attend Scientific Conferences

Updated On August 5, 2021 | by Alex Smith

Why Attend Scientific Conferences

It’s not that easy to be a member of any scientific conference but it’s interesting. Some students think that it’s quite boring but it’s not true. In this article, we want to prove that being a part of a scientific conference can be a great college experience. 

Reason #1:

Approbation of future work. When you write a research paper for a conference, it gets approbated, your work will be known to people involved in science in one way or another, and this will increase your visibility in the scientific community.

Reason #2:

You will gain experience in public speaking. In the future, such a skill will be very useful to the student during the defense of his term papers, and then the thesis. For a person, in principle, it is very important to be able to express his thoughts correctly, clearly, and distinctly, not only in writing but also orally. It will also be a plus that you will lose your fear of public speaking. I would like to recommend you pay attention to this kind of university task. Because essays (or something like that) will not be that useful for you in the future. For these ‘less’ important assignments, use do my homework cheap service. 

Reason #3:

With a successful performance you can form connections, which in the future can help with the internship or data collection for the thesis.

Reason #4:

You will likely make new friends who will be speakers at the conference just like you. And since conferences are usually attended by intelligent and intelligent people, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to make a few such friends.

Reason #5:

International friends. If you speak at an international conference, there is a chance that you will not just meet people from other countries, but also find useful acquaintances who can help you get a foreign internship, and in the future may even be invited to take a job abroad. This was a huge

Reason #6:

Understand your mistakes and correct them in the future. As you know, “he who does nothing is the only one who makes no mistakes,” and sometimes it is very useful to make a few bumps in the road. And where better to do this than at a conference? Thanks to criticism and comments from the audience, you can find significant mistakes and shortcomings in your work. Someone will say that there is a supervisor for this, to which we reply that your supervisor is also a person and he too can make a mistake or not notice something. Participation in the conference – great credit for the future, which will not fix all the shortcomings and teach you not to make mistakes in the future. Well, or at least minimize them.

Reason #7:

You won’t have any trouble getting published in journals. Even one conference participation will be enough to keep your contact information in the database. The next time the newsletter will come in your mail personally, not to the institution, and after a while, you will be able to choose which publication will be used by you to publish your research article.

Reason #8:

The opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of major organizations. And if you are very lucky, you can immediately sign a contract right at the conference, it happens more often than you might think. In addition to finding an investor for your research project, you can find a job right away, even before graduation.

Reason #9:

Most important. In addition to the official part of the conference, which includes: coffee break, lunch, buffet, tour, and free time. After all the participants speak, usually everyone points out those who are active in the same industry as himself. And then it spills over into acquaintances, and the age difference does not embarrass anyone at all: the older ones share their knowledge and experience with the younger ones, and they, in turn, share their ideas and assumptions… Communicating with other people at the conference allows you to establish a lot of interesting and useful contacts for the future: mutual assistance in further research activities or even future employment.

At such events, you need to be as open as possible and communicate without being pushy with everyone you see fit because that’s what the event was designed for.

The most valuable communication for the student will be with experienced conference participants, they can share experiences, give a couple of useful tips, and if they like you, provide support in the future.

But don’t forget to communicate with your peers either. Let them be the same students like you, but no one cancels the friendship. Maybe over time, they will help you in creating your own business or anything else interesting. So do not forget to exchange contacts with each other, thanks to smartphones now allow you to do this without problems.