What a Security Guard Should Not Do?

Updated On July 2, 2021 | by Alex Smith

What security Guard cant and can do

Thanks to the security guard companies presented on the modern market, there is an opportunity to effectively protect yourself and your business. The solutions to this issue are diverse, today everyone can use these services. However, it is possible to judge the effectiveness only when there are high-quality indicators of the services provided by such companies.

There are four components in the protection of property by technical means (alarms), each of which is decisive while choosing security guard companies. The following aspects significantly affect the quality of the service and are ultimately responsible for the safety of the client’s property:

  • Installation of an alarm system — the quality of equipment, correct blocking of vulnerable areas of the facility, saturation of the facility with alarm sensors, anti-tampering conditions of installation, etc.
  • Operation of the Centralized Security Center — reliability and redundancy of equipment, communication channels for transmitting the ‘alarm’ signal from the guarded facility, control over the work of the guard operators on duty, their professionalism, and competence.
  • Rapid Response Groups — motor transport GOR — its availability, quality, and service; professionalism, qualifications and equipment of GOR employees; communication channel with ARC, its redundancy.
  • Alarm system maintenance  — quantity and quality of training for ARC engineers and customer service managers.

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There are a lot of advantages of technical security but what about security guards? Reliable protection of material assets is a necessary component of any business, just like protecting your own home. An important factor is also confidence in the safety of the personal property. It is preferable to entrust this work to knowledgeable people. The best way is to hire security guards.

What Security Guards in Brisbane are Responsible for?

Today there is a tendency to replace security guard hiring with technical methods of protection. Often the management of institutions, organizations, and enterprises explains this by reasons of economy and even greater reliability. However, is it really so?

One person is unlikely to cope with a criminal group that entered the facility, just as technical security systems cannot cope with criminals. However, it is the responsibility of the security guard to recognize the situation in time and take preventive measures. Depending on the specifics of the work of an enterprise or institution, a lot of different duties can be imposed on security guards in Brisbane, including:

  • Protection of an individual from attack.
  • Security of the object.
  • Control of the entrusted territory from the penetration of unauthorized persons.
  • Ensuring the safety of the entrusted property.
  • Escort of valuable cargo.
  • Inspection of visitors or employees at the checkpoint.
  • Protection of the object and people during mass events.

The facilities are under round-the-clock surveillance. Employees of the organization have skills of various types of combat and tolerances that will help them cope with a task of any complexity. That is why the client can be confident in the safety of his property. The best and most reliable option for protecting an object is a combination of technical and physical security. This will help to achieve the maximum level of security.