How Does Tesseract OCR Work in Web Development?

Updated on December 6, 2021 | by Kamal

What is Tesseract OCR and How does it Work

Tesseract OCR is mostly used for the recognition of characters from digital images using Python. It can also be used for other activities like recognition of handwriting. HP created Tesseract OCR, but Google later developed it. How does Tesseract OCR work? This post delves into the matter with our focus on web design and development.

The current official Tesseract OCR offers web developers a chance to create an application using different languages such as Tesseract C# example or C ++ API. The best wrapper commonly used is the python wrapper known as Tesseract. It has the following benefits:

  • It is straightforward and offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Currently, it can support version 4.0.0
  • It has very informed comments that can help you with your work.

Installing Tesseract OCR

You can use different ways for the process of installation. If you have windows operating system, you will be required to use the pip. You can use the normal installation process for any program, like installing a new application on your device for other operating systems.

Once you install the program successfully, get the Github files by either cloning or downloading the files. Extract the files into your system directory to execute the next step. Most test images will be stored in the same directory, so you need to access it from your desktop window easily.

You will also need python modules to use via the pip for the windows operating system. Install the Tesseract OCR using the pip. After installation is complete, you should get a Pillow, which is another image processing program in Python. The Tesseract OCR will be installed successfully.

Preparing Images to Test

You need quality images for testing. You can get pictures by searching them on the web using your preferred keywords. You can get images from articles, e-books, novels, or take screenshots with your phone. Carry out the following activities to make your image perfect for testing.


Use some pre-processed images to make them perfect for testing. It is to enhance the image quality for better results. To have an ideal image, you should:

  • Have a dark text with a white background for visibility.
  • Process your image to black and white.
  • Save your image in jpeg/jpg format.
  • Use page segmentation mode for fine-tuning.

Using the Tesseract OCR

There are options to execute during the process. You can use the best way that you like since the result is always the same. They include:

  • You can use the Tesseract OCR with a statement for one single image.
  • You can initiate the manual handling of a single image without using the context manager.
  • Using the Tesseract OCR with multiple images by using the helper functions

Getting Languages

You also have a function to view all the available languages that you can use. The number of languages will depend on the data files that you have on the Tessdata folder. You can also change to other languages by specifying the lang parameter at the initiation stage. You are allowed to select more than one language in Tesseract OCR.


The work involved may require your time and resources like getting the programs. But this is the era of technology, and it is here to stay. You will benefit more from it by making an effort to learn and use your skills.