Top 10 Websites to Do a VIN Check

Updated On July 2, 2021 | by Alan Biles

Websites to check VIN

Do you have a car that you would like to know more about before purchase or resale? The owner or the mechanic is a good idea, but you will not get everything. So, where do we get the rest of the information?

Some websites can help you with a VIN check. All you need is to identify the 17-character number on your car or the registration records and head to a reputable website. Do you head to any of the ones recommended on the first Google search page results?

Some platforms will mislead you, and that is where you need such a blog. We have ten recommendations that will decode a VIN in a few minutes. Keep reading to see where your VIN check task will bear fruits.

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VinPit VIN Decoding Website

It’s a good thing when you need detailed information and collects it from an intuitive website. VinPit is the name that car dealers, buyers, and individual sellers in the US mention when you want to know more about a VIN.

It’s a web-based platform, meaning you don’t need to download anything before use. It’s also free of charge, and a VIN check does not last more than two minutes. VinPit is well-arranged, and it’s easy for you to find the right input field for the VIN.

Once you conduct your search on the website, it will help you know more about the following:

The car’s mileage and if there is a rollback

Damage reports, if any, especially fire or floods

The registration details where you get to know the owner

Specifications about the car which helps in ordering parts

Lien and repossession information

Previous accidents and involvement in crime

Whether the VIN is fake

Manufacturer Details


For more information, it’s much better when you visit the main website. You can check VIN via VinPit by filtering the state or the car’s model. That will deliver faster results than just landing on the website and feeding the VIN.

The platform relies on trustworthy sources such as the DMV and other government agencies, insurance companies, car dealers, repairing businesses, and other verified public records. That’s why it’s okay to be confident with what VinPit delivers to you, whether you are checking on a new Chevy or an old Ford.

You can download the report you get, still without digging deep into your pockets. What’s more? This is also a website that can aid in checking license plates. It also has plenty of information that refutes all the confusion you may have about VINs and the decoding process.


If you want to buy a car or sell, another website that can help decode its VIN is VINDecoderz. It will tell you more about the 17-digit code, and that includes whether it’s legit.

Some of the information you get includes ownership history, technical specifications, accidents, sales history, the current market value, and any recalls. Since it’s web-based, you only need an internet-enabled device to access it and the report too.


VinCheck.Info will also decode that VIN and offer a detailed report about it. That means the vehicle specifications, details about equipment, and what the NMVTIS has will all be available. More information includes the market value, safety, inspections, and warranty.

Using the website is as easy as feeding the VIN characters and clicking Continue. After that, you get a 10-page report (or shorter), including everything from the specifications to lien reports.


AutoCheck is also a recognized website that checks on VINs and license plates. It has a large database consisting of millions of cars and depends on government sources and other public records.

That is why you get everything from the model specifications to whether the car has been involved in crime. People also report to the site about cars which means you can also get individual reviews.


Do you want to compare advertised car specifications with an actual report from a decoding website? Then AutoDNA will help you get more by feeding the Vin on the platform. You can solve any inaccuracies on the advert following the AutoDNA report after the decoding exercise.

Some of the information includes the odometer rollback where you get the right reading, accidents, collisions, and changes on the serial equipment. If the car has been stolen or involved in criminal activity, you will also know about it.

Vehicle History

Vehicle History is also a VIN check website that can filter the searches for faster output. You can check a VIN by clicking on the model category that matches the vehicle you want to know more about.

After the check, it will give you details about the manufacturer, model, transmission, and the car’s serial number while on the assembly line. More records involve accidents, repairs, and inspections. So, it will get you comprehensive information that involves public reports as well.


The Bumper is also another web-based platform that will decode a VIN and reveal hidden information. There are accident reports, theft records, the current market value, recalls, and the sales history.

The information comes from the NMVTIS and other reputable sources. It includes data from 22 states in the US, meaning that it may not get everything you require to know about the vehicle. The better part is that the website has Android and iOS app versions.

That gives you a downloading option if you want to deal with applications.


With VIN.Info, all you need is the VIN before visiting the website. It’s free to use, and you get information about the model, type, manufacturer details, and if the VIN is legit. The information may, however, be limited if you haven’t paid for detailed data.

With this website, you get plenty of information by adding funds. That means high payments yield better results. UK dwellers mostly use it since its data originates from their databases.


Carfax is known for selling and buying used cars. That means they have a lot of information that you can retrieve by feeding the VIN.

The shortcoming is that it’s mainly for those in Canada. If the car were from the US or another country, Carfax would get the data. Some of the information it shares includes service reports, accidents, lien and repossession, and recalls.

VIN Decoder by Vincario

Lastly, we have a VIN Decoder by Vincario, which captures more countries in the world. You can use it whether in the US or Australia, thanks to the wide coverage. It doesn’t include all, though, since most countries in Africa and South America are excluded.

Using it implies getting more data from all over the world. You will get more data involving the make, body, year of manufacture, engine, transmission, etc. The advantage of using this website is that it will collect from more data sources.

The disadvantage is that you may not get everything depending on regulations in different countries.


With ten websites to help with a VIN check, it’s a matter of choosing the right one for you. VinPit is our recommendation due to the nice interface, ample information, and the short time it takes to check a VIN.

If you want to verify what you got via such a platform, you can pick another in the list and proceed to run the check. You may be faced with charges based on the website, but that is how you get more data about the unknown vehicle, motorcycle, or boat.

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