Injuries Mean We Could Have Seen the Last of Conor McGregor in UFC

Updated On July 31, 2021 | by Steffi Stark

We May Have Seen the Last of Conor McGregor in UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the biggest and best organizations in world sport today. UFC boasts the top mixed martial arts fighters from around the world, with chief Dana White giving fans what they want to see – the best taking on the best. There are no disagreements between different managers and promoters over contracts, with no sea of sanctioning bodies calling the shots like boxing. UFC is a real success story of American sports, and the label continues to enhance its reputation daily.

The biggest name in MMA sport – some would argue a bigger name than UFC – is fighting Irishman Conor McGregor. Notorious has been the sport’s main attraction for many years. The former two-weight champion continues to make headlines. McGregor’s actions are covered in detail by the media in both the US and UK. Fans on both sides of the Atlantic love him, and that popularity is unwavering despite his recent poor form in the octagon.

McGregor recently suffered defeat to old rival Justin Poirier despite starting the bout at hot favorite in the UFC betting with all major sportsbooks. He suffered a horrific leg injury early in that fight and was taken out by Diamond. His future in the fight game is uncertain, but have we read the final chapter of this captivating character’s story?

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Notorious Suffers Horror Leg Break

A stoppage defeat in his trilogy fight with Poirier handed the American a 2-1 head-to-head score over the Irishman, and that’s likely to end the war between the two. McGregor was untypically gracious in defeat and admitted his career could end without confirming he would retire. The star has now lost three of his last four bouts and each of his two most recent outings. Both defeats came in the first round and were dished out by Poirier.

UFC chief White announced to the media following Poirier’s win that McGregor had been suffering from chronic arthritis in his ankles. He was allowed to wear tape on his injuries in a bid to help him get through the fight, but it appears a long career spent at the top of the sport is catching up with Conor. There had been suggestions that the McGregor fight went ahead as planned despite pre-bout medicals showing stress fractures in the 33-year-old’s legs. McGregor confirmed that rumor, but White failed to discuss it.

Will the loss suffered on UFC 264 in Las Vegas be McGregor’s last? It’s certainly possible and looks increasingly likely by the day. Regardless of his future career plans, Conor now faces an extended period on the sidelines as his leg recovers and is given time to heal. He certainly hasn’t been the most active of fighters in recent years, and yet another delay on the back of a defeat will push him down the rankings.

The professional MMA record of McGregor now stands at 22 wins against six defeats, with each of those losses coming inside the distance – four by submission and two by KO/TKO. Since losing to Khabib in 2018 on UFC 229 in Vegas for the UFC lightweight championship, Conor has fought only three times, losing twice. He isn’t old for a fighter at 33, but it appears his body is beginning to fail him. That’s little surprise, given the work rate he has put in over the years to get to the top of his game.

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Preparing to Sail Off Into the Sunset

Never one to feel sorry for himself, McGregor recently took to social media to show off his stunning new multi-million dollar purchase – a Lamborghini super boat. A limited-edition – reserved for the super-rich – the yacht benefits from a 4000 horsepower engine and is capable of reaching speeds of 70mph on water. There’s not just speed but comfort too with kitchen appliances, a dining area, bedroom, bathroom, and many more luxuries.

Did McGregor make this purchase to help him sail off into the sunset? Perhaps he’ll return to the boxing ring to face Jake Paul or even carve out a career in WWE. Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure, he’s not about to go quietly.

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