How to Write a Resignation Letter Online in 2023

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Professionally, there’s a right way and a wrong way to quit your job. As you close this chapter in your career, a face-to-face conversation is the right way to display your courtesy to your soon-to-be-former boss and strengthens the relationship. You can arrange a private meeting with your manager, share your plans for leaving, and later provide a formal letter to make it official. 

Take the initiative to communicate your exit to each department and ensure all key stakeholders, including your manager and HR, are aware. You can get free resignation letter samples and sign them online by CocoSign.  CocoSign has over ten distinct types of career-specific templates to help you find the right fit. Remember to modify the supplied files to meet your individual needs.

In the future, you might need a networking contact, a recommendation, or a letter of reference. If you handled the last days at the office with professionalism, your ex-manager is far more likely to help you out. When you depart your job, you don’t want to leave a bad impression.

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What is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a type of short, formal document that formalizes your intention to quit your job and outlines the reasons for departure. They’re frequently sent to HR, a supervisor, or management ahead of time. They are critical in ensuring that you leave on good terms with your employer.

It’s a legal requirement that goes into your employee files. Consider it the conclusion of your previous employer’s story. Despite your feelings about your job or your boss, it’s in your best interests to be professional, and courteous which will help provide closure and a positive path forward. It is one way to keep the door open because you never know when you may want to return or even work with other colleagues in a future role elsewhere.

When It Is Acceptable to Submit Your Resignation Letter via Online Networks

In some cases, resigning in person is not possible. Due to personal circumstances, you may be required to withdraw from a job on short notice, or with no notice at all. For instance, if you have a family emergency and need to leave immediately, you may be required to resign by sending a resignation letter to your manager via email.

Perhaps you work remotely in another state, a face-to-face conversation becomes a challenge, and it makes sense to resign via email. If you have an abusive manager or work in a psychologically unsafe environment sending your resignation online may be the safest option for you. In this situation, protecting yourself comes before career considerations. If you fall in either of the above categories or more, then CocoSign is the place to be. Get has many templates of resignation letters to choose from, customize, download, put an e-signature and send it via email.

What to Include in a Resignation Letter?

There are various unspoken rules when it comes to drafting and submitting a resignation letter. Although you can tailor specific contents to your resignation letter concerning the job and company, there are a few basic elements to include: 

  • Your End Dates. Give your official finish date, ideally two weeks ahead of time. Advance notice gives your employer some time to find a replacement for your position. Company policies may be able to provide some light on this. However, you should be aware that your employer may fire you shortly after you submit your resignation letter.
  • Help with the Transition. Volunteer to ensure the company has a smooth and easy transition with your departure. One way is offering to discuss your workload and status updates with your manager or successor and assist in training a replacement.
  • Short and Clear to the Point. Despite having a lot to say about the job depending on your reasons for leaving, it’s best to keep it simple.
  • Show Gratitude. Be thankful for the opportunity and say something nice regardless of how toxic the job may have become or any conflicts you may have with a colleague.
  • Include Only Positive Comments. Remember, the goal is to leave on good terms, outline some of the things you valued from your time working with the company.

One of many of these principles is to stay optimistic and avoid complaining about the firm. Let your employer think they were great, even if they weren’t. You may get a positive recommendation as a result of it.  If you follow these principles, you’ll most likely get along well with your boss. Now all that’s left is to write the letter.

Building a Resignation Letter Online in 2023

Legally there is a standard format to write a resignation letter. However, what to include in the letter usually varies depending on the type of resignation letter you want to write. Currently, you can draft a resignation letter online by filling and customizing CocoSign templates for free. The following are steps involved:

1. Download Our Resignation Letter

First, select the type of documents to use that suits your need and download in the form of Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Open Document Text (.odt) to complete a fillable form.

2. Create a Header

You must include your employer’s contact information. Include your address and use the company name on the first line, followed by the street address, city, and ZIP. To make the letter more personal, start with a formal greeting that includes the recipient’s name. The recipient must be addressed clearly. On the top left line, above the address, write the date you sent the letter.

3. Include a Body Paragraph

The body of the letter carries the main content of your resignation. Here, you express your desire to resign and explain why, expressing only positive views about your work experience. General health difficulties, spending more time with family, relocation, career change, and a variety of other factors are all valid causes.

Start by declaring your resignation from the first sentence. Make sure to provide a specific departure date so that your manager can plan ahead.

To make sure you leave on favorable terms, Personal disputes or conflicts with coworkers/the company that could cause unpleasant feelings or resentment should be avoided at all costs. Remember to thank your boss and, if you’re feeling appreciative, appreciate the chance they offered you.

4. Add Signature

To close the document, you require a sign-off of your signature and your printed name. A signature gives the form a personable feel while still demonstrating sincerity in your resignation. With CocoSign, you can easily add your e-signature conveniently.

5. Delivering the Letter

You can deliver the letter to your manager via standard mail. Once your letter is filled and matches your circumstances accordingly, you can send the letter to your immediate supervisor with a copy to the Human Resources department at your workplace. Copy your email address on the message, so you have the email in your records.


When writing your resignation letter online, don’t forget to follow the standard format. Make it positive and follow proper etiquette. Resignation letters, when done correctly, can help you acquire a vital reference when applying for other employment and advancing your career goals.

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