5 Unique Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Updated On September 3, 2021 | by Kamal

Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Website

In today’s highly volatile business world, digital marketing strategies are critical to staying ahead in the competition. When it comes to digital marketing, most business owners never think beyond a website and social presence. Meanwhile, these are the top aspects of digital marketing, but there is much more to it. Simply having a live website is not enough to build a strong online presence. The internet strategies and consumer behaviors are constantly changing and calling the marketers to devise unique strategies to increase website traffic. Since marketers struggle to enhance the business reach to the target audience, their first goal should be to bring more traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the top strategies to generate quality traffic to your website. The strategy focuses on enhancing the quality and quantity of the content on the website to help it reach the relevant audience. Many marketers consider SEO as the only mean of generating traffic, which can hurt their authority. Fortunately, various other ways will enhance their website traffic and convert sales and business credibility. With that said, let’s discuss five unique ways to boost your website traffic.

Leverage Podcast

One of the most unique and most effective ways to enhance website traffic is by conducting podcasts. Podcasts are the best marketing tools that are taking the world by storm for the past few years. These are the online audio-themed content available online for information consumption. Marketers can consider this approach by creating professional podcasts and publishing them on the best podcast hosting platform available. The main factor that makes the podcasts immensely unique is the delivery of valuable information from the experts. You will not have to spend a huge amount of time refining your content for the target audience. 

According to research, 44% of the US population consumes podcasts content. With these statistics, creating brand awareness and capture the audience’s attention is easier through podcasts. The key is to forge a long-term relationship with the audience and allow them to opt-in through email. Publish the podcasts directly on your website, or you can attract podcast opportunities. Search the host of the podcast along with your niche and pitch yourself as the guest.

Write Guest Posts

At the start, most marketers keep the content creation to their websites only. Traditional SEO strategies indeed do wonder to increase the search engine ranking of your website. But it takes a considerable amount of time to ensure positive results for the long term. It is where guest blogging tactics come in handy to build the online authority of your website. This strategy involves publishing blogs for other websites to achieve referral traffic to your website. Besides referral traffic, guest posting contributes to building quality backlinks profiles, crucial for higher search engine rankings.

Guest posting enables instant exposure to your website as well as higher-ranking factors from search engines. You see, the search engine ranking is all about authority. Contributing top articles to the blogs will authoritatively boost your website and push its ranking higher on the search engine results page. Guest blogging is indeed a tedious and tiring process. You will have to narrow down the niche-specific blogs that also accept guest postings. However, starting from small will sharpen your content marketing performance, thus higher website traffic.

Go Above and Beyond with Social Media

Social media is also an effective approach to drive quality traffic to your website. Yet, many marketers lack the use of these platforms to engage quality leads with their websites. Professionals recommend building a social media community for your niche and then targeting them for the trending content. Gone are the days when social media was a platform only to keep in touch with people. Today, social media is expanding to assist the business in maximizing their exposure and executing marketing strategies without putting the burden on the budget. Engaging with the target audience requires significant time and resources. Meanwhile, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have solved this problem to understand the audience better.

Like you produce content for your website, you can also share snippets of information on social media to attract the audience. Moreover, you can also organize contests and giveaways to grow your market and engage them with your website efficiently. The traffic coming from social media to your website will indirectly build your ranking authority for search engines. The key factor is the visitor engagement with the website, determining why a specific page should rank higher.

Incorporate Email Marketing

Email marketing goes hand in hand to build quality sources of traffic for your website. As said earlier, there is no overnight strategy that can instantly crowd your website with traffic. But sparking an interest in your visitor on the first time of their visit and retaining them for the long run can benefit you to build lead traffic. It means that you will have to encourage the visitors to subscribe to the content updates on your website. It is possible by creating opt-ins on your website. For instance, you can ask for the email address for the visitor to send them an eBook or case study. In exchange for free eBooks, you will get an email to engage the visitors to your website for the long term.

Enhance User Experience of Your Website

The whole process to increase your website traffic involves small and effective techniques that can benefit your business. One of these tricks is the better user experience of your website. Today, search engines like Google want your website fast and responsive to ease the visitors. The main reason behind it is that Google does not want to rank unresponsive and cluttered websites. It is also why Google recently rolled out a mobile-first indexing update that will index the mobile renders of your website. It is essential to enhance the user experience by building a responsive website with a faster loading speed.

Final Words

These unique ways will yield a positive result for boosting websites’ performance online and driving quality traffic. All you need to do is remain consistent with the content marketing strategies that meet the target audience’s interests. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing a source that contributes to higher website traffic. But it is best to incorporate all strategies to gain maximum advantage and stay ahead in the competition.

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