Watermarking Your PDF Documents With PDF Bear

Updated on November 8, 2021 | by Louise Simon

Marking your document with a watermark can mean that you are the owner or the person who created the document. This method is useful for business-related reasons, which helps the recipients of the document in knowing about the file’s source. 

A watermark usually contains a logo. If you want to add a watermark in a PDF, you can either put a watermark into the file itself or generate a document with a watermark in another system and then convert it to a Pdf format. However, technology provides the most advanced method of adding a watermark on your files. One of the newest ways nowadays is to utilize the PDF Bear’s trusted tool. 

What Is A PDF Bear?

PDF Bear is a website-based tool that offers users a step-by-step method to add watermarks to the PDF files. Aside from adding a watermark, the site also provides PDF extract, converter, merge PDF, split PDF, and other cloud-based tools that work for all types of documents. PDF Bear offers a pro edition, but you can also opt for its free access or 14-day trial. 

You may encounter other websites that provide a specific tool to add a watermark on your PDFs. But today, where threats are widespread on the internet, you should be extra careful in giving your full trust. This is one reason why we would like to introduce the PDF Bear and its 100%  trusted tools. To add a watermark on your PDFs using the website, follow these instructions:

Drag The PDFs To The Website

Just simply drag your PDF files directly to the website to start the whole process. You can also visit the website first and click its “Select A File” button to upload your documents. The site will secure an SSL encryption. Thus, all of your uploaded PDF contents will be in a safe place. They will protect your privacy from possible risks on the internet. 

Type Text Or Simply Choose An Image

You are free to customize your watermark for your PDFs. Simply type a text or choose an image that will serve as your watermark. The tool provides several varieties of fonts from style, theme, to sizes. You can select what your heart desires, and expect an incredible result. Your watermark will be clear as water. 

Modify Positions

After choosing your desired watermark, select positions where you want it to be seen. Your logo can be placed underneath each page. You have the freedom to choose. You can also customize its transparency and typography. The best thing about this tool is its ability to support multiple platforms. Thus, whether you are browsing with Chrome or using your laptop or mobile, there will be no hassle in generating a watermark for your PDFs. 

Apply Changes And Save

After modifying your desired watermark, apply the necessary changes, and save your files on your device. You can also use your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts as keeping platforms. When you are through, the server will immediately remove all of your inputs for your protection. This is how they protect your security from prying eyes on the internet—no wonder why PDF Bear made an enormous impact. 


Watermarking your PDFs is a protection method. You’ve also seen physical watermarks on both government and legal records. Suppose you want to generate a PDF document that can be automatically identified as possessing highly sensitive information. In that case, you can add a watermark on it just as well as how watermarks operate in the non-digital setting. 

There are plenty of reasons why you should add watermarks on your files, and thanks to the newest technological method that makes the process convenient and possible. Watermarking your files becomes painless with the existence of PDF Bear. There are no complicated steps. Even your children can understand the provided procedures. For every digital activity, whether for business or school work, a PDF Bear is a must.

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