How to Properly Use Keyword Tracking Tools?

Updated on July 23, 2021 | by Kamal

Keyword Tracking Tools

There are many online tools available to track keywords that monitor the ranking of your website for specific target keywords that appear in search engines. Google keyword suggestion tools are designed to check the performance of your website daily and update you so that you can understand it easily. You can use any of these tools for keyword trackings, such as Google Analytics and Moz.

By using these tools, you can do:  

  • You can optimize your content: Keyword tracking will give you access to data that will help you create excellent and relevant content that can feature your site in starting. With this, you can also reduce online traffic on your website.
  • You can monitor your competition: By using keyword position checker tools, you can see how your competitors rank and how you can improve if you are ranked lower than them. You will also learn about the market from this, how much competition is there in the market regarding a specific keyword, and where you stand.
  • Can make future strategies: Keyword tracking tools will tell you about the current situation and give you many ranking opportunities. And it will tell you where you have to work and focus in the future.

Let us know about some of the best keyword rank tracking software:

SEMrush Keyword Tracking Tool

SEMrush is a very significant keyword tracking tool that tells the ranking of your keywords, and digital marketing professionals mostly use it. With this site, you can monitor the movement of your site’s ranking so that you will know where your site’s ranking is on the SERP. In SEMrush, you get to know your site’s ranking in the Top 100 or Top 10. In this, you can also track the rank of your competitors, which is a significant feature of it.

MonsterInsights Keyword Tracking Tool

MonsterInsights keyword tracking tool is the best Google Analytics in WordPress. In addition, this tool helps you to track the ranking of the keywords you are using in WordPress. This site will show you the top 50 terms searched on Google and your site’s rank among them. With the help of this site, can you set up Google Analytics in an excellent manner in WordPress properly to see your data correctly in the WordPress dashboard?

SE Ranking Keyword Tracking Tool

SE Ranking is also an essential ranking tool in which you can monitor search engine result pages for your business. This tool is straightforward to use, and it keeps on fixing your search engine optimization strategies. You can track your keywords research on big sites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. All you have to do is to open the SE Ranking site, enter the URL of your site and search for the specific keyword.

SERPWatcher by Mangools Keyword Tracking Tool 

SERPWatcher is one such keyword tracking tool in which you can track the search engine result page for your business. This is a very user-friendly tool; you can start and learn it in just a few minutes. First, you have to open this site, enter the URL of your site, and select your location from where you want to track it. Now you have to choose a platform such as desktop or mobile device; after that, you have to enter the specific keyword you want to know. Using it is as simple as it is effective. SERPWatcher is considered an excellent tool because it shows your data in great detail as well as the performance of your site. It shows your website’s performance very closely, such as your keyword’s ranking, how much has changed in its position, the best position, and how many visitors visit your site per month.

If you want to check your data on the Keyword Search Planner site, but your budget is significantly less, then you can use these free tools. Now, let us tell you about some free keyword planner tools:

Keyword Generator Tool

A keyword generator tool gives you the option of seed keywords up to 150 of any specific keywords. So, for example, we selected any word such as cryptocurrency, and then on searching, this site gives you 150 keywords ideas related to that word. It will also tell how many times that keyword has been searched every month and which keywords have more visitors. We can also select how many keywords we should show on the site and search like 50 or 20.

Keyword Sheeter Tool 

Keyword Sheeter shows you thousands of keyword search options from which you can choose anything. If you need a lot of keywords ideas, then this tool will be best for you. With this tool, you get 1000 keyword ideas per minute in one click, which is a vast number. A different option has been given, which is the negative and positive filter, which helps you a lot because sometimes we particularly need positive or negative results of a specific keyword. This keyword tool is fundamental and easy to use.

Google Search Console Tool

The Google Search Console tool will help you monitor the performance of the site. This tool will give you a lot of data about the specific keywords of your site and will tell and monitor your rank among them. In addition, this tool will tell you how much traffic the site had in the past three months and its performance. This tool gives an instrumental insight report so that you know a lot, like the average ranking of a keyword and what it should be. With this tool, you will know what to do if your site faces a lot of traffic even after ranking at numbers 2 to 10 on the search engine result page.

Last words

Nowadays, there are many online sites available to check keyword ranking, but you have to choose the best one to improve your website. Some paid and free sites are offering keyword planner tools, and you will get a lot of benefits by using them.

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