Eat Healthy With 3 User-friendly Calorie Counting Apps

Updated On September 9, 2021 | by Alex Smith

Calorie Counting Apps

These days we lead a sedentary lifestyle. We work at the desk, play online real money slots, chat with friends, and even travel indoors. This lifestyle leads to health problems. To avoid them, you should eat right. 

Calorie counting apps help keep track of how many foods a person eats in a day and what their calories are. Food calories are measured in kilocalories, so we’ll say calories for convenience.

These are electronic food diaries with features that make counting easier. For example, all apps have a catalog of foods and meals, the user can choose from it or add their own foods. And these apps and some healthcare websites are the most useful for today.


FatSecret is a social network. You can flip through the feed and see the posts of users, and subscribe to your favorite people. In the settings, it is preset that the subscribers of the account see the weight and its dynamics. You need to turn this off yourself: if you do not, anyone can subscribe and follow your changes. 

To select the weight of the product, you have to flip the slider. You can click on the product card again, then there is a window where you can enter the weight yourself. 

The app has a database of recipes with different calories, but it is inconvenient to add your dishes: you have to fill out different forms, for example, to specify the number of servings. 


Yazio is another popular app that has been downloaded ten million times on Google Play. You can go to the app without registration, use everything in the free version, and if you like it, register later. 

The app offers different challenges. For example, 21 days without sugar or fast food. A timer starts, and the user can see how much time is left at any time. 

The app has a convenient way to add food from the catalog and specify the weight: you can click on the checkboxes, spin the wheel or enter manually. It’s the same with your own meals: you can add a product, a recipe, or an entire meal. There is a catalog of recipes, the ability to monitor the amount of water you drink. 


The app has recommendations on how to distribute calories during the day, there is an opportunity to set reminders about food or water intake. There are virtual rewards for actively using the app. For example, a medal for recording your first breakfast. 

The app makes it easy to add foods from the catalog. Like all apps, there is a wheel to spin to add weight, but here the division goes by tens of grams rather than grams. If the user adds more food than needed, the app will write how many calories to burn with the sport.

How to Work with These Apps

In all the apps, the basic functions are the same: you can add foods and meals, their weight, and keep track of how much you’ve eaten and drunk for the day. Apps are more suitable for keeping track of groceries; it’s harder with meals because there are no compositions anywhere.

For example, chicken noodles on a plate and chicken noodles in an app can be different in calories. In one case, they added potatoes and cooked whole chicken, in the other, they added no potatoes and on chicken breast broth.

If it is important to keep count as accurately as possible, it is better to take the time and catalog your own foods and dishes. This is time-consuming: you will have to weigh your entire habitual diet and create new recipes, not just choose from a ready-made list