10 Tips and Tricks to Get High Rank in Google My Business Listing

Updated On August 22, 2022 | by Kamal


Did you know that verification of Google My Business Listing helps you immensely in your local SEO? Having a properly set-up GMB listing will help you in getting local leads. If you want to boost your site’s visibility, learn how you rank your GMB listing. 

There’re many websites out there competing for recognition. You need to up your game to beat them and attract massive traffic to your site. GMB is an essential part of your local SEO and lead generation, and the best part of it is that it’s free. Do you want to rank higher for a local map pack? Here’re the tricks. 

1. Embed Business to Google Maps 

It’s almost certain that your business can’t perform an effective Google Maps Marketing campaign without GMB listing. If you have one place already, then good for you. If you haven’t put one in place, make the first move by adding it. Are you unsure how to add GMB? Here follow these steps;

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  • Navigate Google.com/maps on your smart device or use the Google Maps app. Search the name of your business. 
  • If the name shows up in the drop-down menu and there’s a location next to it, it means you’re already listed. Go to the next section. 
  • If the business name is missing, there’s an option to add it. Click it to add. 
  • Upon clicking it, you’ll be required to provide the business name, category, and location. 

2. Add A Post 

You’ll add relevant information to the GMB page to enhance your ranking. However, there’s something more you need to do. Add a post to your GMB Review. Go to the GMB app’s post section and write a relevant post of about 1500 words. Provide a link to any other page and accompany the post with an image when you publish it. The content you post is available for viewing alongside the GMB listing. 

3. Add Labels

Labels are crucial tools for organizing the location into groups. Guests can directly search the locations using labels from the dashboard. Labels also help to filter location-extensions in AdWords. 

4. Provide a Detailed Description 

In-depth descriptions are a gateway to a high ranking in GMB listings. You don’t have to write a three thousand word essay. Write a description of your business covering all its crucial aspects that your guests want to hear. The relevance of information is the primary driving factor of local SEO results. The more factual your data is, the better the ranking.

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5. Utilize the Create-Website Feature 

GMB Page’s Website Builder lets users create a site. You’re only required to sign in to your GMB account to access the feature from the dashboard. When using it, Google will create a site for you and let you select the theme. Once you complete the formalities, publish it. It’s worth noting that the website you create on GMB is there for an audience that might be looking for extra information. Never use it for other purposes. 

6. Invest in Site Backlinks 

Backlinks are crucial SEO tools. They’re SEO building blocks. However, avoid stuffing your site with tons of backlinks. Instead, focus on the quality of the backlinks and not quantity. Google indexing focuses on the relevance of your site’s keywords and the quality backlinks incorporated. If your website has them, it will rank higher. 

7. Include Keywords in Business Name 

The significance of keywords in optimizing your site is something you can’t ignore. Google has millions of websites competing for space. The game-changer is how creative you use your keywords. Begin using the keywords from your business name. It will boost your ranking on Google. Use features including Google Keyword Planner to assist you in improving how you use your keywords. 

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8. Add Images to Your GMB Listing 

Uploading photos to your GMB listing is a plus to the website. It’s a sign of an active listing that deserves a higher ranking in the Google indexing. Google has also been improving its photo recognition technology. Consumers love photos, and being consumer-oriented, Google loves photos too. 

9. Get Google Reviews 

Customers love businesses with client reviews. Since Google values what customers relish, it’s no surprise that Google reviews will boost your website’s rank. Get reviews and include them in your GMB listing. Create an option for clients to review your site. 

10. Update Your GMB Listing Regularly

Do you want to rank high in Google? Regularly update your GMB listing by posting. It sends a signal that you’re active, up to the task, and deserve a better ranking. Guests also have a high intent when on search engines. They can trust you if your website is active.  You’ve had an opportunity to learn how you rank your GMB listing. Use the tips to improve your website and propel your venture into its goals.

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