How to Choose Product Photo Studio

Updated On June 4, 2021 | by Alex Jones

Tips to choose a product photo studio

A picture is worth a thousand sales. That’s why quality visuals have tremendous importance in e-commerce. Pictures create the first impression; they entice and engage customers. Ultimately, pictures represent not only the product but the whole brand and the whole business.

Therefore, you need a competent product photography service to deliver excellent shots for winning content. So, how to select the right vendor for your e-commerce company? Here are several parameters to evaluate that will help you find a top-notch photo studio.   

1. Experience and Reputation 

To begin with, find out whether the photo studio has successfully completed projects similar to yours. For example, you may have a high-volume project and want to make sure whether they are capable of handling the required scope of work. Furthermore, you should browse through the whole portfolio and see the projects for different clients.

Another thing that matters is the studio’s reputation. Apart from browsing their website and their blog, read customer reviews and call the clients listed on the website. Based on the responses, evaluate their overall photography and editing expertise, image quality, project management skills, and customer service. 

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2. Full Service

Look for a provider that delivers the scope of services you need. The full-service range usually includes:

  • Product photography;
  • Image editing;
  • Customer image reviews;
  • Re-editing and re-shooting;
  • Formatting images to required specifications;
  • Management services.

3. Professional Project Management

As a rule, photography projects involve a series of elements to be carefully handled: 

  • The team itself (photographers, assistants, managers, image editors) and the warehouse staff;
  • The necessary equipment;
  • Ordering, shipping, preparing, and photographing products;
  • Editing and formatting images;
  • Project monitoring.

Without competent project management, the whole process can go off the rails with a consequential loss in image quality. To avoid this unpleasant occurrence, you should ensure that the studio possesses the required experience and expertise.  

4. Image review

What if you dislike the results? When choosing your product photo service in Chicago, it’s important to make sure that they let you preview the images before submitting them to you in the required format. If you feel that the images don’t match your standards and the requirements you have set, you have the right to reject them and ask for re-editing or even re-shooting. 

Without this precaution, you can find yourself in a situation where the images you have paid for are useless or you have to fix them yourself. 

5. Price

Another important thing to consider is price. Some photographers charge per hour, others per product or per image. When choosing a studio, make sure you are comparing the right figures. Besides, some studios offer subscription systems with favorable conditions. Therefore, consider your scope of work and don’t just pick the cheapest option available, as a low price may originate from the provider’s lack of experience.


If you follow the steps above, you can organize the process of selecting a photo studio. Learn more about the potential service provider and communicate with them to see whether or not they understand your needs. A well-thought-through approach will help you choose a trustworthy partner for efficient cooperation.

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