Are You Working from Home? Don’t Forget These Five Tips!

Updated on December 24, 2021 | by Alex Smith

From giant tech corporations to local businesses, almost everyone has accepted the new set-up of remote working. Working from home can also be a challenge, especially when it comes to health. With no exposure to Vitamin D, sunlight, and lack of physical activity, it is difficult to take care of health. From protective glasses to creating a designated workplace, you need to improve on unhealthy eating habits & poor work-life balance. 

Here’s our helpful list of self-care tips for productive, mood-boosting & fatigue-free remote working experience. 

1. Create a Designated Workplace

We know you miss the office desk and your little plants, but for now, you have to carve our workplace to give you the professional work feeling. We can’t stress the importance of creating a designated workplace that lets you focus on your work rather than getting distracted instantly. Avoid sitting on your comfy sofa or bed. Look out for free space; you can assign it as your work area to get prepped for work and get in the zone. 

Not just the desk, you also need to find a good chair. The couch can be really comfortable but also slouchy, taking away your energy and attention from work. You get too comfortable. A good posture helps to build a sense of confidence and allocate complete attention to what’s in the front. Don’t forget to keep it tidy.No chips or cookies should be lying around except a water bottle. Taking care of your workplace is a careful consideration and attention to how seriously you take your work. 

2. Take a Break from Social Media 

If you aren’t looking for another banana bread recipe, there’s no use to stare at social media. However, it’s quite challenging as there are always new COVID-19 updates rolling out. We can limit social media use for only a limited amount of time to maintain healthy mental health. Even if you are looking at the screen, don’t do it without wearing blue light glasses. Prolong hours of screen use can cause severe headache, eye-strain, itchiness, dry-eyes, blurry-vision, redness, and burning sensation. 

Such digitally-caused problems are preventable using blue light specs online. These glasses block the incoming rays from getting in the eyes and keep your eyes protected 24/7. Precautions can help eliminate physical problems, but if you want to stay stress-free, then track your usage time.

3. Take Periodic Breaks from Screen Use

We get it – it’s work! It’s also important to break your work schedule and log-off when the working hours are done. According to the recent data, many workers are overworked and exhausted by regular meetings, conversations, and discussions over phone and virtual meetings. It leads to a soaring level of stress; hence taking a break is highly recommended. Working from home is complete freedom but also daunting due to its addictive comfort. Looking at screens for 7 to 8 hours continuously will change your sleeping habits. Yes, blue light rays emitted from a digital screen suppress the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. It is responsible for creating sleepiness in our body when the night’s arrived. In such cases, blue light glasses effectively eliminate those rays against your eyes and restart the product of melatonin. You get your natural cycle back and also reduce digital eye problems. Even if you wear reading glasses or other prescription lenses, the blue light coating is available on all eyewear. 

4. Eat Natural & Healthy (Don’t forget to drink water, frequently)

From lunch to unhealthy snack time, it all needs to change into more natural and healthy. Junk food is easily accessible and tempting to issue in large volumes while working from home, especially when you are stressed. Is it a smart choice? Never. A healthy alternative is one of the biggest self-care tips towards glowing skin and nourishment you need for a day.

Don’t forget to drink water, too. The first thing in the morning must be filling up a water bottle and putting it on your desk, so you don’t forget about it. There are hydration apps as well that can keep track of you like WaterMinder or Hydro Coach.

5. Workout, Even for an Hour but Regularly

Balancing work and personal life is a challenge in itself, but drawing a boundary and working on your health is the need of the moment. Regular exercise, needless to say, has numerous benefits – including glowing skin, less tiredness, active routine, and increased immune function. Working out every day allows a fresh perspective to work, lift your mood, and process things better. 

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