12 Tips to Keep Your iPhone in Great Condition

Updated on January 24, 2023 | by Austin

tips for iPhone maintenance

To keep your iphone in good condition, purchase a strong protector phone case, screen protector, keep the charging port, headphone jack clean, and device updated.

iPhones are expensive, and you have to maintain it properly, making sure it stays in good condition for a long time. This is true not only for iPhones but for all devices.

Usually, smartphones have a lifespan of about 3-5 years. But if you do not take proper care, it will deteriorate at a faster rate. You have to take care of internal as well as external factors to maintain its good condition.

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According to Apple Inc., there are about 728 million iPhone users around the world and if you are one of them, you might consider the following tips to make sure your iPhone operates perfectly 

1. Get a Protective Case

The best way to protect your iPhone from external damage is to use a strong case. Dropping your phone is very common and a drop even from a few feet can significantly damage the insides of your phone.

If you have a strong protective case, it will absorb the shock, keeping your phone safe and protected. The best material for essential iPhone and Samsung cases are Silicone or rubber, so buy one made of these materials. Always avoid protective cases made with plastic.

2. Install a Screen Protector

A protective case may protect the body of your iPhone, but the screen will still be exposed, and so it needs some protection as well. Buying top-quality screen protectors are the best way to protect your screen from scratches and cracks.

Tempered glass is the best material for screen protectors, so buy ones that are made from tempered glass. Multi-layered screen protectors are also very durable and can be a great alternative.

3. Regularly Clean the Charging Port

You need to keep the charging port clean at all times. Dust and small dirt particles can easily enter the port and if the dust settles, it can cause a lot of problems.

For instance, if dust or gunk covers the port completely, your phone will not be able to charge when you connect it to the charger.

A gentle blow in the port is enough to keep the port clean. But do not use any heavy blowers as that might damage the port instead.

4. Keep the Internal Storage Clean

Delete apps that you are not using and manage the available storage. Make sure you do not fill your storage all the time because it might drain more power from the phone.

5. Clean the Headphone Jack

Since iPhones have stopped using traditional wired headphones from iPhone 7, this tip is only for those who use iPhone 6 or below.

This is the same problem as with the charging port. If dust settles in the headphone jack, you will not be able to hear clearly through your headphones and there will be distorted sounds. 

A gentle blow on the headphone jack now and then will keep the jack clean and safe for headphone use.

6. Keep Your IOS updated

Keeping your iPhone updated to the latest iOS is the best way to maintain your phone. Apple Inc. fixes a lot of bug issues and installs better features on newer iOS and if you update your iOS to these newer versions, your iPhone will operate more smoothly and efficiently.

7. Keep Your Phone Away from Extreme Heat

Heat can cause various problems for your iPhone. When you operate your iPhone, it already gets slightly warm. So, if it is near a heat source, the battery of your iPhone will overheat.

Excessive heat can even melt the motherboard of your iPhone, which will render your device useless. So, try to keep it away from heat.

8. Always Keep your iPhone Charged

If you want the battery of your iPhone to perform efficiently and perform for a long period, you need to keep it charged at all times.

Keeping your battery charged will ensure peak performance. But make sure not to overcharge, as it may overheat your battery and damage the performance and the longevity of the battery.

9. Download Things from Trusted Sources

Do not download apps or other items like videos or files from untrusted websites. Doing so puts your iPhone under the threat of a virus or a malware attack.

iPhones have strong security, but malware can still bypass strong security systems. So, to avoid viruses in your iPhone, do not download anything from untrusted websites. Your iPhone security system will always send warnings in case you are visiting an untrusted website. Heed those warnings.

10. Manage the Background Apps

Some apps in your iPhone will refresh by themselves while you are using some other apps or doing something else on your device. A good example of such an app is the email app.

These apps running in the background will consume extra battery and will put a strain on the processing units of your iPhone. So, manage these apps carefully if you want your iPhone to perform longer.

11. Keep Back-Up of All Your Data

Having a backup of your data has many benefits and no disadvantages. The best way of keeping backup is by using iTunes or iCloud. This way, even if your iPhone gets damaged, your data will be safe and can be transferred to the new iPhone.

12. Clear Cookies from Your Safari App.

If you feel that your safari app is getting slow and your browsing speed is getting clunky, you can clear the cache and the cookies of your safari app. Doing so will improve your browsing experience. Simply go to the settings and click clear history and website data.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone must be properly maintained to get top performance for a long time. But, after a few years, it will start to deteriorate. In that case, it is always better to get a new one instead of repairing the old one.

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