Distance Learning: Fad & Future Education

Updated on March 9, 2021 | by Zayn Tindall

The Future of Distance Learning

At first glance, it sounds so simple: Anyone who is dissatisfied with their job should acquire further qualifications via distance learning to be able to change jobs in the long term, including a career jump, of course. But what is behind the phenomenon of distance learning? The in-service form of self-study has long ceased to be a fashion trend. On the contrary, distance learning seems to have become a popular career springboard, like tuitions from A-level chemistry teacher, click here to check more information. What is necessary for this and what HR managers think of the graduates is the subject of this article.

For Distance Learning Graduates

This was the opinion of the personnel officers according to a Forsa survey a few years ago. They attested these positively connoted qualities to the graduates of distance learning:

  • High self-motivation
  • High level of independence
  • Determination
  • Time management / organizational skills
  • flexibility

Decision-making skills, logical thinking skills, communication skills, assertiveness, and entrepreneurial thinking also characterize distance learning graduates, according to the HR managers. (Source: statista.com)

And what do the graduates say themselves? 60 percent of graduates stated that they had improved professionally. Only 18.6 percent denied this. In addition to responsible tasks, fundamentally better chances on the job market, and a more positive perception of one’s own qualifications, the positive added value of distance learning was also evident in the payslip. For a quarter (25.8 percent) the salary rose by over 20 percent, a salary increase between ten and 20 percent was recorded by 22.7 percent of the alumni, while another 18.2 percent benefited from an increase of up to ten percent. 

Requirements for Students at a Distance University

If you want to check your suitability for distance learning, you can do so with the help of this short specialist article. It must be clear: Distance learning is a far cry from the life that students live at a regular university or college. In short: visits to the cafeteria and a lively exchange over the last night of partying during the lecture are not an issue in distance learning, rather one thing is required: discipline and self-motivation, because after work, instead of chilling out on the sofa after work, still behind the books or going out can mean a lot of overcoming.

Experts advise interested parties not only to consciously select the subject in advance but also to estimate the time resources. How much time do you have left for the further training course in addition to your job, hobbies, and family? If you come to a sobering result here, you can consider in the second step at which point time resources can be squeezed off for a certain period, which can be released again after completing the distance learning. It must also be clarified in advance where the right place for distance learning can be, while the family is watching TV, it is usually almost impossible to study and understand the concepts in the same room.

A well-planned, realistic schedule is also essential. The following applies: Time-outs are important to recharge the batteries. These should be sensibly built into the learning curve.

Selection Criteria of a Distance Learning Provider

Because of the increased demand for the flexible further training model, the desire for a catalog of criteria is also growing. These five aspects fall into the top 5:

  1. Practical parts in distance learning
  2. Dispensing with content in a foreign language
  3. Opportunities for cooperation with current employer
  4. International characteristics of the offer
  5. Research behavior of the institution

Besides, prospective distance students need to be able to complete a trial course, that preliminary work is recognized, that demo study material is available, that study centers are regionally close, that there is an appealing and service-oriented advisory offer from the provider, and the cost of distance learning. Practical relevance, specialization in the course, a flexible study model as well as e-learning offers, and the content orientation seem to have little significance from a statistical point of view. However, that doesn’t mean that these traits are less important to students. Rather, the flexibility of the study model and the digital learning methods (keyword: online study) fundamental decision criteria for distance learning, because this way distance learning can be easily combined with professional life.

Digitization of Schools in a Circle: Applications are Pending

“There is no shortage of money” is the saying these days when people talk about the digital equipment of schools. This message also came from the federal-state summit in the Federal Chancellery last week. Nevertheless: The provision of funding is one side of the coin, the practical implementation on site is the other, as the Decatur district administration explains.

“As part of the Digital Pact I, the Decatur district, as the school authority for 16 secondary schools, has around 4.98 million dollars available, including a 10 percent share,” explains Tobias Garry, the first district member in charge. However: The district cannot immediately dispose of these funds in full but must apply to the Investment and Structural Bank Minnesota. Initially, the digital infrastructure in schools is at the top of the priority list. “To this end, the employees in the School, IT, and Building Management departments carried out an inventory of all schools at the end of 2019,” says Garry.

At the same time, schools have so far been asked to create a media pedagogical concept with which the use of digital technology in the classroom is to be demonstrated. This hurdle was removed at the federal-state summit, but the corresponding planning is underway at many schools. Garry: “Since last spring, the staff is creating the conforming quantity course structures and determining the costs. Only with this information can be submitted a corresponding application to the IM. An estimated, lump-sum per school is not sufficient for approval. However, since the investigations have to be carried out for the tendering of the service anyway, the employees work a little more detailed in order not to lose any time”. The Ministry of Education and the Investment and Structural Bank of Minnesota both praised the preparatory work. The so-called umbrella application for the first measures was submitted in August. As soon as this has been approved, two additional applications will follow this year. And again two applications can be submitted in the coming year.

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