How to Tell a Story with Motion Graphics

Updated On October 18, 2021 | by Ankit

A Story with Motion Graphics

Our life is full of different events, each of which may be transferred into an interesting story. All in all, each of us creates stories from time to time. It may be some funny jokes, interesting fairy tales, or texts for marketing purposes.

  All stories require only a person who speaks or writes and the one who listens or reads. Nothing else is needed.

  What about images? Motion graphics is a perfect tool for animated storytelling. There are a lot of things or objects which make associations arise in our heads.        By seeing the pictures of the sea, we feel relaxed and calm, instead, the images depicting some thunderstorm, for example, can make us feel depressed and intimidated. 

  Motion graphics are capable of telling stories in the most engaging way. Although, before creating an animated explainer video the author must spend time mulling over all the details of future products. The video itself should be informative, natural, and not too complicated.

  Of course, you can’t know exactly whether your explainer video will become a real success for sure, although if you follow a certain structured approach, your chances to boost the business are extremely high! Luckily for you, we are not greedy and want to share it with our beloved readers.

1. Conceptualization

   The importance of this step can’t be overestimated! You are literally obliged to follow it. If you will not take this stage seriously, your product will be under threat. Even if you are going to create a 40-second clip, the structure is still essential. Modern people easily get bored or distracted. You have only a few seconds or minutes to make an impression on them and catch their attention! If your explainer video is a mess of random images, a person is unlikely to watch it till the end. 

  If you want to create an animated explainer video, you must understand what is your targeted audience, what is the main purpose of the video, and what emotions do you want the Internet users to feel after watching it. If all these aspects are clear for you, then the process of creating an explainer video will not be a tough one!

2. Storytelling   

  After you have come through the conceptualization stage, you should think about your attention-catching story. Make sure the script is informative, but not boring. It should be entertaining and engaging. It is also a good idea to include some neologisms or funny words if it fits the type of your product or services.      The more natural your text sounds – the more appealing it will be for your potential clients. If you are working not alone, you may show your script to a designer or a person, who will be creating the video animation. If you decide to cope with it on your own, ask your nearest and dearest about their point of view. If everything is okay, you can move forward!

3. Design

  This step is really the most interesting one! Here you can show all your creative talent and make unique styles, pictures, or even sounds. Although this stage is not only about making an entertaining video, it is about creating a cohesive and informative story. Because this process requires high technical skills, it would be a good idea to ask a professional designer for help. If not, be ready to spend a lot of time on making a real masterpiece. All in all, the main aim here is to create a logically flowing video with engaging animation and an attention-catching script.

  I do hope that this article was informative for you. No matter how experienced you are, if you pay attention to these aspects you will be able to tell a story with motion graphics in the most engaging way. Stay inspired and motivated to create a good explainer video. If you are ready to devote part of your heart to this process, success will definitely come!

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