8 Stylish Gifts For Men This Holiday Season

Updated on April 5, 2022 | by Alex Smith

stylish gifts for men

If you have been living with your man for quite some time, the time has come to shop (online, of course, for safety) for cool gifts for Christmas time. Gifts that evoke a good sense of style and finesse.

But from where to begin? In this article, we will be giving you all the best ideas and tips for all the best kinds of gifts you can buy for your man.

A Classy Timepiece

You can never go wrong with some good stylish wristwatches. Especially things like a Bvlgari mens watch. Giving a watch becomes a daily reminder of the person that gifted it. So it is not only an accessory for style, but it is also meaningful. Quality watches are excellent gifts for any man. Things that are not only stylish but functional are the types of things men enjoy having.

A Back Massager Device

Guys tend to get sore backs sometimes because of either work or weight and posture. No matter, high-tech devices your man uses to relax and relieve some backache can arise while they are at it.

And something as basic as pain relief is always a good gift. There are devices out there that wrap around the waist or you can place them at the backrest of a chair. With cool massagers like this, you can never go wrong.

Sleek Pair of Gloves

Christmastime is a chilly season. Most of us will be wearing our coats, gloves, and jackets when we have to go out and do some grocery runs. But don’t you hate it when you need to access your phone, and you have to remove your gloves first so that the phone screen can detect your finger?

Not only is it a hassle, but it feels cold. Today, there are cool looking leather gloves that your man can wear while using touchscreen phones as well. An example of these kinds of gloves is from Dents Buxton. Gloves like these that have a lot of functionality are exciting little accessories for the man you love the most.

Whiskey Stones Box Set

If you have a man who has the taste for some classy whiskey, a Whiskey Stone Gift set is a one hundred percent perfect gift for the holidays.

Mixology and Craft has a whiskey stone gift box set that includes whiskey stones that, of course, will not melt out over time, making sure that the whiskey is not going to be saturated by water after a while.

A Multi-tool

Guys love building things. Taking things apart and building them back together again. So a no-brainer would give him a high-quality multi-tool. Much like Swiss knives, multi-tools come complete with all the necessary tools, and a good plus you can carry it in your pocket. You can bring a whole kit of tools with you anytime, anywhere!

Leatherman offers these kinds of multi-tools. You can get ones that are in matte black, making it sleek and cool.

A Premium Cocktail Shaker Kit

Something very classy one can have is a beautiful shaker set. For a late-night quality time with your man, having to try out the different drink mixes you can see on Facebook or BuzzFeed is a good bonding experience. There are kits like these available in Cresina. It will be a good addition to your home bar.

A Luxurious Electric Razor

If you have a man that keeps his facial hair trimmed, getting him something like a Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor is an excellent choice.

It is a wet or dry electric razor that features a sixteen direction flexible head for that perfect close shave. When else will you be able to gift a shaver that cleans the shaving head while it is charging? Cool right?

An Automatic Espresso Machine

For most guys, (and perhaps yours as well) coffee is the most important drink to have in the day. So what better way to class it all up than surprise him with a fully automatic espresso machine.

Machines like these help in making various types of coffee drinks. From cafe Americano, macchiatos, cappuccinos, to lattes. Even during quarantine, having such a machine at home will help you feel like you have gone out to café shops. 

These were just a few ideas. But these types of gifts are sure-fire ways to make any man filled with joy this Christmas season.

Heated Jacket

Although, the name says it all but you really need to know more about this cool and amazing jacket that you can gift to your man. Heated Jackets have been in trend for quite a while now and if you still missing this amazing piece of cloth, make sure to grab one. Although there are several brands available, claiming to offer best of the quality, choosing one from them is kind of hard. We recommend Wear Graphene’s GAMMA jacket. Built on Graphene’s amazing properties, GAMMA is an all season heated jacket that can be worn anywhere including work, travel, working out and more. It is durable, lightweight, insulated jacket with 3 carbon fiber heating elements built directly into it, so when your body heat isn’t enough, you can supercharge GAMMA’s Grapehen layer at the push of a button.

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