How to Stay Comfortable When You’re Pregnant

Updated On July 22, 2021 | by Steffi Stark

Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy

Once the initial excitement over your positive pregnancy test passes, it likely won’t be long before discomfort comes along with it. In many cases, symptoms like nausea, food cravings, or fatigue might even be what alerted you to the pregnancy in the first place.

Some irritation is inevitable throughout pregnancy—after all, your body is growing a whole new human! However, there are steps you can take to make this nine-month chunk of your life more bearable. 

Find Pieces for You and Your Bump. 

As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll find that progressively more of your comfiest clothes no longer fit. What better excuse for a bit of a shopping spree? Between registering for nursery items, make sure that you‘re seeking out the most comfortable maternity leggings and other bump-friendly clothing you can find. For maximum comfort, look for maternity pants with a supportive belly panel and a waistband that will continue to offer belly support as your baby grows. The best maternity leggings will last well into your postpartum period and after, too. 

Set Up Your Space for Maximum Comfort. 

Even before maternity leave, you’ll likely be spending more time at home as you deal with the aches and irritations of pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, you’ll want to make that environment as comfortable as possible to stay comfortable yourself. Take time now to ensure any repairs or maintenance are completed, leaving you with one less concern as you approach your third trimester.

If your air conditioner and heating system are more than ten years old or begin making loud noises while running, for instance, these may be signs you need a new HVAC thermostat or HVAC unit entirely. However mild the temperature might be now, be sure you take care of this now rather than later. You’ll be grateful to your past self when you’re that much more comfortable alter on.

Talk to Your Doctor About Symptom Relief. 

While you can’t avoid all symptoms of pregnancy, there are some treatment options available to help make them more bearable. If morning sickness is making your first trimester insufferable, your doctor might prescribe an anti-nausea medication to help. Severe heartburn? They can offer suggestions of prescription or over-the-counter remedies that will help you stay comfortable despite the side effects that come with pregnancy. 

Implement Healthy Habits. 

Some of the simplest ways to remain comfortable throughout pregnancy are similar to the first things you’d do to be healthy more generally—implementing some positive habits. Eating small meals regularly, for example, can help settle your stomach. Getting enough sleep and resting when your body most needs it can help replenish the energy you‘re expending growing your baby.

Staying hydrated may minimize symptoms such as heartburn, constipation, or fatigue and ensure both you and your baby have proper kidney and liver functions. The compound effect of these habits can help you to become healthier and happier through pregnancy—and many may stick with you after your baby is born. 

Learn About Your Role as a New Parent.

In addition to physical discomfort, it’s natural to feel emotional stress during pregnancy, too, especially if you’re a first-time soon-to-be parent. One way to help ease that strain is to research as much as possible about the factors of pregnancy you don’t already know.

By decreasing the amount of unknown information, you’ll feel better prepared for parenthood and less stressed as it approaches. Even someone with children already can benefit from a bit of research—you never know what new technologies and recommendations have come out since your last pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many expectant parents, but it can also be an extremely uncomfortable time in both a physical and an emotional sense. There are many ways you can help make yourself comfortable throughout your pregnancy and beyond, ensuring you and your baby are both in the best shape possible as you start your lives together. 

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