Can You Use a Soundbar for Computer Speakers?

Updated on August 5, 2021 | by Louise Simon

In most cases, people buy soundbars to enhance the sound quality of their TVs. But what happens when you have a PC that produces underwhelming audio; can you also use a soundbar to improve the sound? If so, how can you do this and what should you keep in mind?

In this post, we look at how you can connect a soundbar to your computer to boost the audio quality!

Aren’t Soundbars too Big to be Used with PCs?

Among the major reasons you don’t see soundbars being paired with computers often is because of their size. Most soundbar models in the market are meant for use with TV sets and typically measure around 1 meter in width. When you consider the space allowance on a standard PC desk, this is just too big.

As such, you want to consider the size requirements of your space if you ever consider using a soundbar for this reason. Preferably, go for the ultra-slim sound bar units.

Connection Options

Luckily, there are various connection options you can use when you want to link a soundbar to a PC as seen below:

Connecting Using an Auxiliary Cable 

When you want to connect a soundbar to your PC using an auxiliary cable, the first thing you want to do is ensure that it is powered on. You’ll notice that the two ends on the cable look practically the same. Connect one end to the PC’s aux input port and the other to the soundbar. 

If you’re using a computer system, plug the end of the cable to the port with a small headphone icon. This is usually located on the front panel in most desktop computers. On laptops, you’ll find it on the side. 

Once you have done this, the sound from your computer will automatically be channeled into playing through the sound bar. 

Connecting Via Bluetooth

The process starts the same way when connecting the soundbar via Bluetooth. Begin by powering on the unit, whether by plugging it into a wall socket or inserting batteries for a battery-powered model. 

Activate the Bluetooth option on both devices and search for available devices to pair. Turning on the Bluetooth may differ from one sound bar model to another. But in most cases, you simply need to press the Bluetooth key to activate it. 

For the PC, you want to go to the Bluetooth activity menu and activate the Bluetooth function. When searching for the available devices, you should be able to see the name of your soundbar among the visible devices. 

Once the PC and soundbar are successfully paired, the sound from your PC will automatically start playing through the soundbar. 

Connecting Using an Optical Cable

Another way to connect your soundbar to a PC is by using an optical cable. After powering on the soundbar, connect the cable to the relevant port on the PC. This port is normally labeled “Toslink”, “Optical” or “Digital out” on most desktop computers.

If you are using a laptop, the port should be on the side of the device but for a desktop PC, check on the back panel. 

How Does it Sound?

Using a soundbar for computer speakers manages to offer you a decent sound quality, although not as rich as high-quality computer speaker systems. One thing you might realize is that the sound is wider in separate speakers than in a soundbar.

Final Thought

If you are yet to get computer speakers for your PC, you can still use the TV soundbar at home as an alternative. As long as you can link the device to your PC as discussed earlier, you will get the precise room-filling sound you were aiming at.

But if in any case, your computer restarts without any warning while connecting to the soundbar for computer speakers, you can fix it in a very straightforward manner by simply updating the sound drivers. 

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