Want To Buy SMTP Servers? Here are 10 Tips for You

Updated on January 5, 2023 | by Alex Smith


One of the most popular services on the internet is email. It allows us to communicate with our clients and friends in mere seconds. To send email, you must have a paid or free email service on your device that would communicate with the mail server. It will route the email to the recipient’s mailbox using the mail server. A standard protocol known as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP for short, is used by mail servers to talk to one another. This post shares the top tips to help you buy SMTP servers.

So What Is An SMTP Server?

In the simplest of words, the SMTP server is a program or computer that is responsible for sending emails. It retrieves emails from the email client which it then passes to another SMTP server. SMTP relay service is what makes everything possible. If you are new to the world of SMTP servers, you have nothing to worry about as the following tips will help you choose the right Cloud SMTP server.

  1. Consider SMTP Authentication

When in the market for an SMTP as a service, you should think about SMTP authentication. It will help you control what the users have access to. With My SMTP authentication, anyone that uses the server will need to obtain permission for sending the email by entering a username and password. It prevents open relay and ensures that the server does not get abused. SMTP authentication is something that you simply cannot afford to overlook. If it is configured correctly, only the desired accounts would use the SMTP server for sending emails. The configuration is crucial when looking for a mail server.

  1. Limited Connections

To protect the server from DOS attacks, the number of connections on the server has to be limited. The parameters completely depend on the server hardware and the load for each day. Commonly used parameters for handling connection limits include maximum connection rate, simultaneous connections, and connections. Refinement is required to maintain optimal values. 

  1. Activate Reverse DNS

To block bogus senders, active reverse DNS is required. The majority of messaging systems make use of DNS lockups for verifying the existence of senders before a message is accepted. With a reverse lookup, you get to fight off those bogus mail senders. Hence, you should ensure that the Turbo SMTP server offers the option.

  1. SNSBL Servers

An important configuration that protects the email server is DNS-based blacklists. Make sure that the SMTP server is known for its DNSBL servers. It will help reduce the amount of spam you receive. Buy email servers that you can trust to have your back.

  1. Maintain Local IP Blacklists

To take things a step further, you should ensure that the SMTP server provider also maintains local IP blacklists for blocking spammers. It offers a great way to counter specific spammers that might be targeting you.

  1. Maintain a Strong Relationship with the Top ISPs

To get the most of the service, you should also look into whether the SMTP server maintains a strong relationship with the top ISPs. It will help guarantee the maximum delivery rate possible.

  1. Offer Flexible Plans

To ensure scalability, you need a server provider that offers flexible plans. It will provide you with the freedom you need to grow.

  1. Compatibility with Software

Since you will be doing all the work on the software and email client, the server has to be compatible and easy to configure. 

  1. Provide Accurate Statistics

To benefit from complete control over your settings, you should find a server provider that provides accurate statistics that you can rely on.

  1. 24/7 Support

Finally, the server provider should be there for you whenever you require help. Hence, find a dedicated email server where you can receive 24/7 support if you Buy DuoCircle SMTP. 


Once you have gone over this post, you will have no trouble deciding which SMTP server to opt for. Each tip mentioned above is extremely important.

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