How to Set Up and Attend Live Events in Microsoft Teams?

Updated On August 4, 2021 | by Janvi Panthri

Setting Up Live Events in Microsoft Teams

Are you having problems while attending the live events in Microsoft Teams? Are you not able to participate or watch live events in Microsoft Teams? While connecting with live events on Microsoft Teams, can you not share your audio or video? If you are grappling with these questions, don’t worry!! This article will tell you how you can set up and attend live events with ease at Microsoft Teams Platform. You can even join a Microsoft office training program to understand the Microsoft teams’ fundamental concepts and work efficiently with your team members. Before you watch a live event at Microsoft Office Team, make sure your browser allows third-party cookies and check out properly that your browser supports Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure Media Player.

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How Can You Join the Live Event?

Suppose you are having problems while joining the live event in Microsoft Teams, no worries. In this section of my article, I will discuss how you can join the live event. To enter and participate in the live event, follow these given steps:

  • Step-1: Open the live event link and join the event through this link.
  • Step-2: If you have opened the link from Microsoft Teams, you can join the event in the Microsoft Teams.
  • Step-3: If you have opened the Microsoft Outlook link, you can join the event from the web or the Microsoft Teams.
  • Step-4: If you have joined the event earlier, then the message will display on your screen that “the live screen has not yet started.”
  • Step-5: If the live events are public and you have signed in teams, then you will join as authentic users, but if you haven’t joined the teams, then you will join events from the web.
  • Step-6: If you join the live event from the web, ensure you use a media-source extension-enabled web browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If the live event begins at low resolution, then you should manually set it as high-resolution.

Note: If you cannot watch live events due to some unforeseen situation, don’t panic. You can still watch the live event recordings if the organizer has chosen to make the options of recording available.

How Can You Produce the Live Event?

If you need to produce the live event with sponsors by chance, but you don’t know how to make the event, this section of my article might prove helpful to you. The sponsors choose to produce live events when they want to broadcast the team’s meeting, bringing remote presenters and sharing screens into the event. Before arranging a live event, you need to consider specific points such as:

  • Whether you want to select a feed from other presenters and send them to the event, you can do it through Microsoft Teams or by producing through the external app or device.
  • If you want to chat with the presenters and producers, you can produce it through Microsoft Teams and external apps or devices.
  • You can start and stop the live event through Microsoft teams and external apps or devices.
  • If you want to download the live events recording, you can produce it through Microsoft Teams and external apps or devices.

To produce live events through Microsoft Teams, you should follow these given steps:

  • Step-1: Select Calendar, then the live event, and join. You can modify your microphone and camera before entering the event as a producer. You can also join the event as an attendee. You need to join the event as an attendee; You can join the live events as a producer-only when you organize the event or if the organizer assigned this role when they schedule the event. 
  • Step-2: If the event is taking place in a large room, you can use Auditorium Mode to enhance the audio of remote attendees.
  • Step-3: If you are producing it on Microsoft Teams, then turn on your camera.
  • Step-4: You can select the camera preview before sending it to the live event on the right.
  • Step-5: If you want to switch cameras, then you can click on the Switch camera option from the bottom or go to Device settings to select a new camera.
  • Step-6: Select the option of live and share the screen of your desktop or a window.
  • Step-7: If the noise is disturbing you, you select Device setting and turn off your noise cancellation from the device setting window.
  • Step-8: To ask a presenter to join a live event, you can select Participants and find the persons who you want to join.
  • Step-9: To end the event, you can select the End option.

I hope that the above article has provided you with precise information on how you can join the live event or produce a live event.

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