Why Sell on GCP Marketplace?

Updated on April 9, 2021 | by Ankit

GCP Marketplace

Are you considering selling on GCP Marketplace and want to know how it works and other details. Well, you are at the right place, here we will look at why GCP Marketplace is a good platform for businesses today. 

GCP Marketplace is the best and the fastest way of using Google cloud. GCP comes with some unique and innovative features; it includes ready solutions, improved functions, ready to use stacks, and various other services that will improve business development. With the help of this application, customers do not have to spend much time installing any kind of software.

Before going ahead, let us look at the pricing features of the Google cloud platform. They offer custom pricing, subscription, and pay as you go options. With this platform, businesses will be able to keep proper track and know how their clients are interacting with the given marketing campaigns and solutions. Google Cloud had brought a big change to what was going on a few years back when most of the companies were highly reluctant and not much keen on trusting their business solution and data to the cloud apps. The best part is with GCP, and you will get the reports too. 

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Let us check out some top features of using the GCP marketplace:        

Higher and Better Exposure

With GCP Marketplace, businesses and internet stores will gain higher exposure. One of the main reasons is, GCP Marketplace gets visits from their customers each year. It is one good opportunity for your business to get better exposure and will attract many users at the same time.

Building Partnership 

The Google Cloud Platform allows the co-marketing of your business or online store. It helps to build a strong partnership between the GCP Marketplace and your business. Google Cloud Platform helps your business in marketing, delivering, and improving your business revenue and sales and provides the best software solutions. With Google, you can present your business to publish PR, conferences, access to the advertising studio, develop a website, and more.

Create Revenue 

When you connect your business with Google Cloud, you will benefit from the different technology offered by Google to their valued customers in several new categories like AI, data science, and machine learning (ML) among many more. Thus, with this, you get a chance to new solutions that will help in generating more revenue streams and get more business. GCP provides easier pricing models for the customers who are after the bargain.

Easy Payment Structure 

No matter which pricing features you choose, whether subscription, custom or pay as you go payment models, GCP makes it trouble-free for their customers. There is nothing to worry about when you know that Google handles the payment process.

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Want to Sell on the GCP Marketplace? Find the Step-by-Step Solution

First of all, if you want to start selling on GCP Marketplace, you have to register on the GCP Marketplace and create a new account and get the business listed on their website. Now check out the complete step and start selling your products on the GCP Marketplace:

Step 1: Your primary goal is to drive maximum awareness and use of your software solution with the business customers. That means with low investment, and you can improve your global sales. However, for that, you have to list your business or software on the GCP Marketplace.

Step 2: Next, you want to advance your current business solution and organize your client’s required environment. For this, you have to generate your listing page, check usage, push further updates, and give complete support and guidance to your clients. It means you will have to handle and deliver your business solutions.

Step 3: Finally, with Google, Go-To-Market, and find out if anybody has started using your software solutions and how it is working. Google will give you access to your co-marketing programs.


For the start-up business, GCP Marketplace is the best thing, and it also offers you free trials that help you check and see how your business is performing. If you are looking to start with the GCP marketplace, then sign-up is totally free. Later on, you can pay for the upgrades or other things.

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