Search Engine Optimization: The American Dream?

Updated on August 22, 2022 | by Ankit

Search Engine Optimization

“We live in a dog-eat-dog world.” 

Nowhere is this statement more valid than in the field of competitive marketing. Marketing is everything in an era where it is tough to distinguish one brand from the rest. It is particularly challenging ever since the advent of the internet because that has given every product and company a level playing field. If a company cannot market itself on the internet, it will undoubtedly get left behind. They must consistently adapt to the latest techniques of digital marketing to stay ahead of the game. 

American digital marketing has single-handedly spawned development in various styles to use the internet as a tool to advertise effectively. Standard methods include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and a myriad of other options.

However, there is one tactic that most firms are investing heavily in to circumvent the competition: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

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What is Search Engine Optimization? 

It is the method of improving or optimizing a website to increase its viewer base. Companies adopt this technique if they wish to bump their websites into a search engine’s top search results. It is a complicated process reliant on bots and data mining over a billion websites daily to extract information. 

Due to the sophistication of tools used, and the task’s complexity, and the costs of undertaking this operation, it is not uncommon to see companies outsource search engine optimization to dedicated firms. America’s market for SEO firms in the last decade has increased tenfold because companies have realized the importance of search engines and how they directly impact consumer behavior. This demand has been met with a noticeable increase in prices over time. However, the services offered remain somewhat identical across the country. For example, a Dallas SEO firm and a New York SEO firm will probably charge different amounts for providing essentially the same service. Prices may be detrimental to a company’s choice of SEO firm because more companies’ primary objective is cost minimization.

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What services do SEO firms offer?

The very second someone searches for something using a search engine, the bots of said search engine extract information relating to keywords, relevance, and over 50 other factors to create an algorithm that ranks the order in which these websites will be viewable. These factors are incredibly tedious to predict and are often dependent upon individual user experience. Ideally, an SEO firm provides some insights into what these factors are and how your business’s website can be tweaked to reach its maximum audience. 

Knowing the information above can mean the difference between appearing on page 50 of Google and page 1. A quick Google search for something as mundane as “shoes” can produce over 5 billion results within the blink of an eye. US statistical data suggests that the second page on Google is visited only by 17% of users and the 3rd, by only 3.5% – indicating an exponential decline. Further evidence shows a user is likely to visit two websites on the first page alone. Safe to say that being featured among the first page results is imperative to any seller looking to bag those clicks.

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