PDFBear: Free Online Tool to Remove Your PDF Password

Updated on June 1, 2022 | by Louise Simon

Remove PDF Password with Free Online Tool

With the increasing popularity of technology, everything becomes possible, and every burden becomes lighter. Students can find answers to their assignments and activities online. Teachers can create better learning materials because of the available information on the web. It has opened opportunities for a better and easier life.

Despite the benefits you reap from the use of technology, there is also the possibility of becoming a victim of identity theft and scams. If you are worried that your information might fall into the hands of the wrong people, then you probably need to put a password on your PDF document before it becomes accessible.

But because of this security encryption, you will have a hard time sharing it with your colleagues, so you might be interested in learning how to unlock PDF online. With PDFBear, you can encrypt your PDF and decrypt it whenever needed.

Reasons to Encrypt PDF Files

People must exchange multiple documents online to keep up in a society that is slowly shifting towards virtual learning and work from the home set-up.

Most people, including you, might consider sharing their files online as a perilous activity because these documents may contain sensitive and confidential information. Once unauthorized persons gain access to this information, it can create a lot of damage to your reputation and assets. To solve this problem, anyone can now use an encryption feature for their files. 

Besides protecting information from people who have the intention to steal the content, you might also use the lock PDF feature to prevent the receiver of the file from making any changes. This is because you want to preserve the content as it is. While sometimes you want to make sure that only those people you permitted can access the file. All these reasons are equally valid.

Reasons to Unlock PDF Files 

Despite your eagerness to protect your files, some situations will force you to share them with someone for collaboration purposes. An encrypted file is hard to share compared to those files without passwords. That is why, if you want to have the freedom to share it with anyone conveniently, you must also know how to unlock your files.

Once you unlock the document, the receiver can edit, add information, and make necessary changes. 

It is important to lock your PDF documents, but you should also enjoy the luxury of knowing how to remove them using an online tool, such as PDFBear. Read the steps below to know-how.

What are the Steps to Unlock PDF Files Using PDFBear

With PDFBear, you only have to follow simple steps to unlock your document. This will save you time and effort, which you can use to attend to other important things. The website doesn’t need a technologically savvy person to operate each feature. Even those with little knowledge of technology can easily explore how it works, provided that you have a device connected to the internet. 

If you think unlocking PDF files will make you spend much of your money, then PDFBear would prove your assumption wrong as you can access its features for free whenever you need and wherever you are.

Step 1: Click “Choose Files”

When you visit the website, you can easily locate where the unlock PDF feature is. Once you find it, a “choose files” option will appear on your screen. You can upload the encrypted file either from your device or from Dropbox. The website also provides the option to drag and drop the file into the box.

Step 2: Enter the Password

After uploading the file, confirm that you may unlock and edit the file. It ensures that you have not stolen it from someone else. After confirming that you own the file, click the “Unlock PDF” to proceed with the decryption process.

Step 3: Click “Decrypt PDF”

If done typing the correct password, the process will start. A few seconds later, the encrypted file becomes decrypted.

Step 4: Download the File

You can have your copy of the decrypted file on your device by downloading it after the website completes the unlocking process.

The Competitive Advantage of PDFBear

There are several online tools capable of giving answers to your questions concerning your PDF documents. What are the advantages you will gain when you use PDFBear? What makes it an outstanding tool compared to those available on the web? 

PDFBear is one of the best tools you can use to satisfy your PDF-related needs. It is accessible to anyone, anywhere, and highly functional. This website offers a wide range of features that can help you solve every inconvenience you have with your PDF documents.

You can access the website, regardless of the device you utilize. Don’t worry if you need to unlock your PDF document, but you don’t have your bulky laptop with you. You can use your phone instead.

You are probably looking for an online tool that can unlock your document without paying since you are yet to receive an allowance or salary. PDFBear is perfect for you because it offers its services free of charge.

Since you are most likely very cautious of sharing information online, this website can help ease your mind. It can assure you it won’t let malware or viruses pester your documents when you use its unlocking feature.


PDFBear is an essential tool to use, especially if you want to unlock your PDF documents in an instant. Using the website would mean a life with little difficulty in managing multiple encrypted documents.

Go and experience the features of PDFBear because it is one for the books!

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