What is Remote Desktop Protocol? And Best RDP Providers

Updated on May 31, 2022 | by Louise Simon

Remote Desktop Protocol and Its Providers

Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP lets users view and use Windows remotely through their devices from a distinct location. This is a product, rather than a protocol, by Microsoft. This protocol is explicitly meant for Windows servers at home. This appears like an icon, which can be touched or used through an external computer. Here the keyboard and even the user’s mouse can be shared with a remotely placed machine. It means the concerned user having it on share can use it very much like sitting along with it and using it directly.

Due to the significance, it provides, the number of people looking for an RDP server has grown immensely. Specifically, it has made things absolutely simpler for handling the automation affairs where one doesn’t need customer involvement. In this context, provided below are the top RDP provides for those who need it or those who find this protocol useful.

Best RDP Providers:


Try RDP is one of the best and leading RDP providers across the globe when it comes to services, speed, and support. Their Ubuntu VPS is also quite famous among professionals. 


RDPIFY can be the one-stop provider for those looking forward to buying RDP in the quickest possible time. One can buy it through a Credit card, Paypal, Debit card, and even though Bitcoin.


Webpundit is highly reckoned for providing super fast RDPs, along with massive SSD storage. Those who belong to the United States, UK, France, and in the Netherlands should opt for it.


At the same time, providing RDPs, here, one can have access to the admin panel as well. Here one can buy RDP through Bitcoin and with PerfectMoney as well.


The best part about 99rdp is that along with complete access to root admin, this brings the opportunity of instant delivery as well, though for private plans.


Digirdp provides complete access to the admin panel and is quite reputed for providing fast RDP with 2 GB RAM.  

Apart from these, VPSServer, Bestbuyrdp, and Amazingrdp can also be the best options for those in search of the best RDP providers.

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