RCS vs. SMS: The Differences

Updated on August 17, 2022 | by Alex Smith

rcs vs sms

RCS (Rich Communication Services) and SMS (short message services) are both Messaging apps used for communicating on Android devices. Let’s know about both the RCS Platform and the SMS individually first before knowing the difference between them.

What is RCS?

RCS is considered the next generation messaging app. The RCS Platform is the protocol that will eventually replace the SMS service, but this app has got off to a slow start. The RCS Platform was formed in the year 2007 by a group of industry promoters. Rich Communication Services (RCS) is available only in the United States (US) for Android users on their Android devices.

In the year 2018, Google announced to its users that they have been working with a major cell phone carrier worldwide, which is to adopt the RCS protocol. RCS Messaging has some of the same features as that of Apple’s iMessage. Some of RCS features are – reading receipts, typing indicators, group chats, video calls, high-resolution media sharing, and more.

What is SMS?

SMS is the most popular app in the United States (US) for messaging as most of the carriers offer a plan with unlimited texting, which makes the SMS free or nearly free for the Android users to use. After SMS, iMessage is the most popular messaging app, but for Android devices, SMS is the most popular and the best.

SMS, the short message service is a text message service or application that is one of the components of telephone, mobile phone, and internet systems. This platform uses the standardized communication protocol, enabling mobile devices to exchange short text messages from one device to another.

RCS vs. SMS: The Difference

Both of the messaging platforms are similar yet different from each other based on their features. Below mentioned are the main differences which are seen between RCS (Rich Communication Service) and SMS (short message service):

Rich Communication Services(RCS)Short Message Service(SMS)
RCS Platform provides the Android users with features available in Apple’s iMessage such as – reading receipts, video calls, group chats, high-resolution media sharing, and more.SMS only provides Android users with a simple text message service with limited media sharing. Though the message sent should be between 1 to 612 characters in length.
You can eradicate fraud and verified users or sender by using RCS Messaging.Short message service (SMS) allows the users to include links in their messages to be short and simple.
You can send videos and images which are high quality through the RCS platform.SMS doesn’t allow you to attach images, let alone videos in the text message. You have to attach the link of the image or video in the text message for sharing media.
RCS Platform is only available in the United States (US) and not in any other country.SMS service is available in not just the United States (US) but other countries with SMS Channels as well.
You can share your location, make payments, and rearrange appointments, all in one platform, the RCS Platform.SMS doesn’t have the upgraded features in it as the RCS Platform has.
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