Top 5 Platforms to Exchange BTC to EOS

Updated on May 31, 2022 | by Alex Smith


EOS is the platform specialized in the creation and support of decentralized apps and is one of the crypto projects being rather popular in recent years. In a nutshell, it’s one of the Etherium competitors, but with some specific features, making it stand out from other projects.

Its main advantages are flexibility and scalability applied to the blockchain in comparison to Etherium, making it an interesting and prospective project for many investors and developers. This article will focus mostly on the various possibilities to buy, sell and store EOS. 

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How to Buy EOS?

There is nothing extremely complicated in buying EOS. The purchasing of this crypto is fairly simple and you can easily go through these several steps to purchase it:

  • Choose the wallet for its storage plus your account
  • Sign up for any existing crypto exchange
  • Input money and purchase EOS 

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of our discussion the scalability and flexibility of EOS make it a preferable platform for developers of dApps. The current market situation shows that under the bull market Ethrium is still a preferred investment, but it does not mean that EOS will not find its place. Hence, it’s the right time to understand how to purchase it.

How Does EOS Wallet Work?

Once you’ve decided to work with EOS you have to understand its specificities in comparison to other projects:

  • Two private keys – own and active
  • You can’t buy it with fiat money everywhere. In many cases, you have to use other coins for purchasing it
  • You can’t create the individual account yourself. The only option is to contact the third-party service to create an account for you.
  • Once you’ve used EOS for trading you can exchange 1 EOS to BTC and then store your bitcoins in the individual wallet.

Explore the Platforms to Buy EOS?

Having registered the specific address, the time comes to buy your tokens through any of the popular exchanges. You can purchase EOS using two options: through Bitcoin/Ethereum or fiat money. 

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Let’s explore the top 5 platforms to exchange BTC to EOS:

  • eToro – the platform used in most cases for speculative purposes. It does not require any technical background to use it. One of the advantages is that you do not need to use any wallet here. But, if you’re just a beginner in the crypto world and do not have experience in trading it might not be your choice
  • Coinbase – you can purchase token here in two ways: directly through brokerage services with relatively high fees or use Coinbase Pro to buy with a limited order
  • Binance – you can buy EOS in a two-step procedure. At first, you buy BTC or ETH for the fiat money and then exchange them for your token of interest
  • Kraken – is another user-friendly platform with a relatively low commission for exchange, but it experiences drops in performance during the peak times 
  • GoDex – the anonymous crypto platform where you can easily exchange BTC and ETH to EOS and visa versa in just a few clicks. The advantage of the platform is the anonymity of your transaction, you do not have to disclose any individual data 

Do Not Forget to Protect Your EOS

Once you’re trading with $100 it’s not quite critical whether you withdraw your crypto from the exchange or not, but once you grow your investments you definitely do not want hackers to steal your money from the exchange. 

Do not forget to withdraw your coins to the individual wallet and make sure that they are fully protected from any hackers’ attack. Once EOS tokens hit your wallet your purchase is completed and they’re stored safely.

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