Picking The Right 4X4 Wheel and Tyre Package For Any Terrain

Updated on January 11, 2021 | by Alan Biles

Picking The Right 4X4 Wheel

The 4×4 wheel drive SUV and truck are some of the most popular vehicles in Australia. They are everywhere you look. In fact, for four straight years, the Toyota Hilux has managed to claim the top seat as the most popular car. Following close is the Ford Ranger.

Mostly, these vehicles are used for work purposes to drag tools and heavy equipment. On the other hand, outdoor enthusiasts use them to explore the rougher roads.

Having the right 4×4 wheel and tyre packages is vital to enhancing your overall experience and safety in both cases.

Picking The Right Wheels

Your 4×4 wheels are the essential pieces that you can play with. Your SUV or truck could give you some of the best driving experiences in the world, but without the right tires to put that power onto the ground, you won’t go anywhere.

In the end, the goal isn’t to get the perfect set of wheels; the goal is to get the right wheels for a particular trip- whether for off-roading or driving around the city.

Off-road driving

As a driver, your first concern before and during driving should be the safety, performance, and reliability of your 4×4 wheels. Exploring the outback is adventurous and fun. It can also be dangerous and unforgiving if you get lost or stranded.

Before setting out, you should understand the basic 4×4 driving techniques. A great place to do this would be in a 4WD driving school. 

Driving across mud

With the right 4×4 wheel and tyre packages, most 4×4’s make quick work of mud and ruts. Warning, if you come unprepared, and you and your car stand the danger of getting really dirty.

These tyres tend to allow mud and dirt to pass much easier, have better grip, and handle the severe off-road conditions.

Some drivers believe that less air pressure is ideal for such conditions. The truth is, by doing this, you’ll spread the weight of the vehicle too much, leading to less traction. At the same time, if it’s too high, you won’t have the necessary grip to go across the mud.

All Terrain

If you are looking for tyres for your day-to-day drive, you’ll find all-terrain tyres are sufficient. They are specifically designed for on-road driving but could be used for a bit of off-roading as well.

These tyres have the advantage of being versatile and robust. This makes them popular with SUV and truck enthusiasts.

Highway tires

These tires are a favorite of drivers who love the power and comfort of 4×4 but don’t necessarily do any off-roading. Due to their shallower depth, the drive is usually less noisy, smoother, and has excellent handling capability.

Driving across sand 

The land down under is blessed with some of the lengthiest stretches of deserts and beaches. The chances are high that you’ll traverse over the sand as you move across the nation. 

Besides having the right tyres for such terrain, you need to ensure to turn in more sweeping arcs to avoid toppling while driving over-sand. Additionally, if you plan on driving over the beach, keep an eye on the tide, just in-case you get stuck. Remember to stay safe, always.

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