Why Is Examsnap TOEFL Exam Important and Why to Opt for Dependable Practice Test to Assist Your Learning?

Updated On July 31, 2021 | by Zayn Tindall

Opt for Dependable practice test for TOEFL Exam

Aside from Examsnap IELTS, the TOEFL exam is one of the two most premier English-language assessments worldwide. Historically, it was created by the national council last 1964 to ensure the English proficiency of non-native speakers wishing to verify their skills to study in U.S. universities or achieve some other academic goals. The high value of this test is unquestionable and this also makes it quite complex. Keep reading to know how to simplify this process through good preparation and familiarity with the exam details.

Little Background in TOEFL

Presently, there are some exemptions for those who can take Certbolt TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). This applies, for example, to international students from some of the Commonwealth nations. Now, what are they, to begin with? These are the nations that were former British colonies or former United States protectorates such as Hong Kong SAR, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Hence, technically these nations are still considered part of the English-speaking world. 

Now, if you don’t belong to these Commonwealth nations, well then it’s time for you to enroll in your Examsnap TOEFL Test! Here’s a quick guide for you to take note of in preparing for it. 

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Train Your English Skills to the Fullest

As a standardized exam, examsnap.com TOEFL tests the candidate’s skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the English language. It is given either through an internet-based or paper-based format. With the introduction of the Internet-Based Test (iBT), the demands for exam seat availability, which causes applicants to wait for months, have been resolved.

However, regardless of the type of assessment you choose, you have to hone all the skills needed to pass it. So, what are they? Let’s discover it!

No. 1 Understanding the Gist

If you can quickly and clearly comprehend the information of the passage or the recording right away, you will be able to readily understand what is being asked in the exam, either be it in the listening or the reading section. And this ability will save you precious time as it will allow you to complete more questions in a limited period. With this, you have to train as much as you can especially using Examsnap TOEFL practice tests so that you can master and visualize the learning style needed for the particular exam type.

No. 2 Telling Your Story

In the speaking section, you have to capture the assessor’s heart through your voice. You have to learn how to be a good storyteller and be able to speak spontaneously and convey your thoughts logically. Practice tests give you an idea of what topics will your opinions most likely be asked. You can also use these materials to improve in synthesizing information from a passage you’ve read or a lecture you’ve listened to. 

No. 3 Proving a Point 

You have to hone your skills in making arguments or statements based on a piece of the given information, like from a text or audio. You must objectively write your essay while stating your opinion, explaining your position, and drawing conclusions. A reliable practice test offers you some strategies on how to make a good opening statement and create insightful content. It also teaches you to think and write faster so that you will have enough time to proofread your work for any grammatical issues.


With Examsnap TOEFL, most non-native English speakers will have a great opportunity to get into their dream foreign university. The path to achieving this may be tough but with the right preparation techniques and resources like valid and updated practice tests and specialized books, the process will become much easier. Advance your English communication skills — and you will surely pass this exam!

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