Best 25 NHL66 Alternatives to Stream NHL Online

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NHL66 is a highly popular and one of the first websites where you can watch live NFL matches for free. If you’re a new ice hockey fan and want to stream NHL, you just need to visit www.nhl66ir. The website has been a savior for those who need to watch the world’s best professional ice hockey league online for free.

NHL66 homepage

Despite the fact that the website is doing well and has a good reputation, NHL lovers are looking for some great alternatives. What is the need to do so, and what could be the best alternatives? This write-up will cover every essential thing you need to know. 

First, let’s figure out the reason behind NHL66’s popularity.

The Reason Behind NHL66 Popularity

NHL66 is one of the best National Hockey League streaming site that you can use for free. It provides you with several streaming connections, so if you can’t find your favorite match on one, you can immediately switch to another link.

NHL66 is highly popular because you can watch any game live in 1080p and 4K resolutions. Moreover, NHL66 also streams other live sports like soccer, boxing, basketball, and more.

Even though NHL66 is pretty popular, the viewers keep on looking for its alternatives.

Best 25 NHL66 Alternatives to Stream NHL Online 

NHL66 is one of the best unpaid sports streaming websites, but you may need a better alternative to keep the entertainment factor alive. With that said, let’s take a look at the best 25 alternatives to that may give you the same experience.


Sportsurge is one of the best live-streaming websites you can find and covers a wide range of sports events. Whether you need to watch NHL or any other sport that you like.

Sportsurge homepage

With an easy user interface, Sportsurge allows its visitors to enjoy their favorite sport without any sign-up or registration. Moreover, you can stream NHL in HD and continue it without any ads.


Laola1 is a good alternative to NHL66ir because it comes with highlight clips and video games. The website is full of entertainment factors, and you can stream any sport you like.

Laola1 homepage

The streaming is free, and you can enjoy NHL matches in high definition. In addition, the website has a trendy and informative interface that helps it earn another point as a good alternative.


Feed2All is another live sports streaming website where you can watch NHL matches, but first, you need to register yourself. 

Feed2All homepage

The homepage will directly display all the live matches going on. You just need to choose the sport you would like to see live, and Feed2All will provide you with mirror links. Apart from ice hockey, you can also watch football, basketball, snooker, boxing, and more live.


StrikeOut allows you to watch your favorite sport without paying any subscription fee and on any device that you prefer. The website is better for Asian and European sports, but it also works great if you want to watch NHL live.

StrikeOut homepage

Nhl66 streams for free, like StrikeOut, but lacks the Flash player availability that enhances the video quality. Moreover, you can gain access to all types of information with just one click.


MamaHD is one of the most popular names you’ll hear when it comes to the best websites for live sports streaming. It streams live sports in HD the same way nhl66 streams but seems to be better at providing highlights, news, updates, and more for free.

MamaHD homepage

MamaHD is known for its smooth and easy user interface, and it allows you to stream NHL games live from anywhere in the world. However, MamaHD shows ads while you’re streaming the matches, but it doesn’t affect the video quality at all.


StreamEast is another alternative that you can consider to watch live NHL matches in HD. You can also watch soccer, F1, MLB, MMA, boxing, and NFL matches here.

Streameast NHL page

There are no charges to enjoy live matches in HD, and users can enjoy the easy-to-use interface of Streameast. However, Streameast is not available in every country, so it may cause some trouble for you.


Bilasport has a lot to offer sports fanatics all over the world. The website is incredibly popular in the Middle East but offers a plethora of live-streaming links.

Bilasport NHL page

Bilasport is mostly famous for NBA and MotoGP, but you can consider it for NHL as well. Moreover, it is a device-friendly website so that you can enjoy live streaming on smartphones, laptops, and tablets as well.


Stream2Watch gives you a list of available links to stream your favorite sport live. From NHL to WWE, you can watch any type of sport here without paying a single penny.


Stream2Watch somehow works similarly to stream. As it organizes web links from various sources. However, you may find several broken links that may ruin your experience.

ESPN Player

If you’re up for purchasing a subscription to a great NHL streaming website, ESPN Player should be your first choice. Already having a great reputation, this UK-based live-streaming channel lacks nothing in terms of perfection.

ESPN player homepage

There’s no compromise with the streaming quality, and as a viewer, you can even ask questions in the comment section. The user interface is great, and you can watch a variety of sports here.


Crackstreams is another free NHL66 alternative that allows you to stream NHL and other live sports. 

Crackstreams homepage

Crackstreams updates the live streaming links on time (before 24 hours)  and offers an unmatched experience when it comes to enjoying the game. Moreover, it is an easy-to-navigate website that allows you to find your match with ease.


fuboTV has been a sports lover’s favorite for a long time and offers more than 200 channels for non-stop entertainment. You can either enjoy live streaming on FuboTV for free or purchase one of its premium plans to enjoy the NHL matches in better quality.

fuboTV homepage

The plans and prices for FuboTV are:

PlanMonthly Price

Apart from enjoying matches in 4K, you can also integrate smart gadgets like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more with FuboTV.


Buffstreams is a common alternative to nhl66ir that people use to watch the NHL live. It is one of the free sports streaming sites of 2023, where you can watch any sport, from AFL to Darts! 

Buffstreams homepage

There’s no need to sign-up, buy any subscription, or pay any fee to watch the live match of your choice. Moreover, the website provides useful updates, live newscasts, and other details to make the matches even more interesting.


SportRar is another free website with a handful of features that may excite fans to choose it over nhl66 live streams. If you’re in a different location, you can set the time zone and get exact match timings as per your time zone.

SportRar homepage

However, it is better to disable the pop-up blocker (if you’re using any). It interrupts the smooth functioning of the website and may ruin your experience. Best of all, SportRar comes equipped with a feature through which you can download any video and watch it later.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go can be considered the best NHL66 alternative, as it has all NHL66 channels for live streaming. You can live stream the matches from anywhere; all you need to do is sign up for it. 

Fox Sports Go homepage

You can enjoy NHL in HD on the official website or by downloading the official app on your smartphone. Moreover, Fox Sports Go is compatible with various devices like Amazon Fire, Apple Mac, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, and more.


Sportlemon is another NHL66 alternative that provides free live streaming of various sports. There’s no need to register yourself or fulfill any other formalities to enjoy your favorite sport.

Sportlemon homepage

Sportlemon is not just about sports; you can also watch movies and listen to music whenever you want. The website offers more than 130 channels, and you can surely enjoy any NHL match live.

My P2P

My P2P is an effective website if you want to enjoy live NHL matches anywhere and on any gadget. This website is also free of cost, and you can watch football, volleyball, boxing, motorcycling, and several other sports live.

My P2P homepage

The video quality is much better than NHL66 streams, and you get to control the playback speed and the audio of the live stream. With a smooth and easy-to-manage interface, My P2P surely comes up as a better NHL66 alternative.


Rojadirecta allows you to stream NHL matches for free and covers almost every popular game in the world for you. Apart from enjoying live matches, you can also get interesting information about the games and schedules without paying anything.

Rojadirecta homepage

However, you’ll find the category section missing in Rojadirecta, but it offers live streaming in different languages. In addition, you can download the videos and watch replays of your favorite games. 


Cricfree may sound like a website for cricket fans, but it is another good alternative for nhl66ir. You’ll see the ongoing and upcoming games right on the homepage, and its easy interface helps in choosing your favorite game.

Cricfree homepage

With Cricfree, you can also chat with other sports fans and enjoy the game in high quality. Moreover, the website is much better at classifying leagues and sports sections than NHL66.


Bosscast is a pretty popular sports streaming platform that is active in more than 130 countries. As a visitor, you just have to pick the link to the sports event you like and stream it live with just a click.

Bosscast homepage

There’s no need to register yourself on Bosscast or pay for a subscription to enjoy live matches. Moreover, you can also chat with other NHL fans from all over the world with ease. 


Batmanstream can also be a good nhl66 alternative, as you can enjoy live NHL matches from any nation for free. You can watch football, rugby, tennis, NFL, and other sports on this website.

Batmanstream homepage

Batmanstream is pretty easy to use, like other alternatives here. The website also streams in HD and offers a chat room for viewers to discuss the match.


JokerLiveStream allows you to choose a sport and browse through the competitions. The website is pretty straightforward and mentions all sports right on the homepage.

JokerLiveStream homepage

In addition, you can watch tennis, football, rugby, MotoGP, and several other sports live for free. 


StrikeOut could be your go-to site if you’re a soccer or baseball fanatic. However, the website streams live NHL games the same way nhl66 streams.

StrikeOut homepage1

You can enjoy any game using any gadget, as the website supports smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. However, if you’re running the website on a browser, you can watch the matches in HD with the help of an integrated Flash gamer.


You may find ATDHE to be a bizarre name, but the website offers one of the easiest ways to find your favorite game and stream it live. More than 250 types of sports are streaming live daily on ATDHE, and the NHL is surely one of them. 


You may find the website’s interface to be a bit outdated, but you can watch your favorite game with a click. Tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, hockey, poker, and handball are some of the most popular games that you can stream live on ATDHE.

Bally Sports

The homepage of Bally Sports is enough to understand that this website can be a great NHL66 alternative. The website is full of Ice Hockey videos and even highlights the scores.

Bally Sports homepage

Apart from Ice Hockey, you can also watch baseball, basketball, NFL, and several other sports belonging to different regions.


VIPBoxTV is a pretty new live sports streaming platform when compared to, but is gaining popularity rapidly. Compared to NHL66, VIPBoxTV offers better streaming quality and more videos for NHL fans. 

VIPBoxTV homepage

You can stream your favorite sport from any part of the world and even enjoy the replays later. Moreover, the website is free of cost and offers more features than any other streaming platform on this list.

So, these are the 25 best NHL66 alternatives that you can consider for streaming NHL online. You can consider the ease of use and streaming quality to choose the best website not to miss a single NHL match!

Is NHL66 Safe to Use?

Yes, NHL66 is safe to use, but only when you’re being cautious. As NHL streams live matches for free, you may need to show your concern regarding safety and privacy.

Hence, it is better to use an antivirus, an ad blocker, and a VPN to ensure safety from the risk of malware infections and identity theft.

Is NHL66 Illegal?

NHL66 is secure enough to make purchases and take care of your personal data. However, it is a free live sports streaming platform, which, in a way, is illegal

You may enjoy free live streaming on your favorite website, but you must not trust it blindly. Many websites don’t have the right security factors, and others are not credible enough to run efficiently for years. Hence, you may never know if it will go down forever.

Also, the official website’s URL ( redirects you to some other website, which is another matter of concern. Hence, it is better to look for alternatives, as you never know when it will stop working.

What to do if NHL66 is Not Working? 

It is possible that the NHL stops working while you’re watching the live stream and ruins your match. So, if that happens, try these methods:

  • Restart your device.
  • Check the server status of the website.
  • Clear the cache and cookies of the browser you’re using.
  • Disable the VPN.
  • Check the internet connectivity.

If you’re still unable to fix the issue, it’s time to switch to one of the alternatives mentioned above.

Final Words has surely earned a great reputation for being one of the best live NHL streaming websites. However, the website has been active for a while, and now the internet is full of options. The 25 websites mentioned in the list above, are better in several aspects. Some offer better streaming quality, and some have a better user interface. 

You may come across a paid website or a website full of advertisements. In the end, it depends on how you choose the most appealing and easy-to-use website so that you can continue streaming NHL in the best quality possible.


Q. How to unblock NHL66 in your country?

If NHL66 is illegal in your country, you can unblock it by using a VPN and connecting to a country in which it is legal.

Q. Is there another site like NHL66?

There are several sites like NHL66. The best ones could be Sportsurge, Stream2Watch, Bosscast, and more.

Q. What is the best free hockey streaming app?

You can choose from several free hockey streaming apps like Live HD Sports, Sling TV, and more. However, it is better to steam the matches on free websites but with precautions.

Q. . What is the cheapest NHL live stream?

Most of the websites that stream the NHL are free of cost. You may choose from Laola1, StrikeOut, MamaHD, Buffstreams, and others. However, you must take all possible safety methods when streaming matches on such sites.


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