Microsoft Windows 11 – Made with Gamers in Mind

Updated On July 12, 2021 | by Alex Smith

Microsoft Windows 11 Made for Gamers

If you call yourself a gamer and more specifically a PC gamer at that, you have most likely heard about Microsoft’s latest announcement. Their latest Windows 11 OS release was very clearly designed with their gaming users in mind. It features some seriously useful and pretty ingenious solutions and updates that will impress any hardcore techie out there. We all know about the usual Microsoft Office 365 offering, if you have an IT Support Provider you will have the dedicated Microsoft Office 365 Support in place that you need. This update is more about your user experience, and they have done that with gamers in mind. 

Some General Updates in Windows 11

Many Android users will be pleased to hear that the Windows 11 update will be entirely Android-app friendly. Windows updates, which can sometimes appear at the worst of times, are also said to be quicker. This means less downtime on your PC and faster improvements too.  Microsoft has also taken a closer look at their settings and systems menu options and easy they are to use and navigate through – they have made significant refinements to these menu options and the user experience has been greatly improved. There are a number of other updates that are to be introduced, however, we find the overall mission behind the latest update was for Windows to be a contender in the gaming industry against consoles. 

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Staying Up to Date with the Latest Updates

One of the things any business should have is a trusted IT Support Partner who will make sure that they are aware of the latest software updates and keep your systems current. TechQuarters are an award-winning IT Support Provider in the UK. They have created a Managed IT Services London Solution which many businesses in London swear by. 

With the support of a dedicated and remote-based IT Support Provider, you are sure to have all of the latest hardware and operating system updates that are available. Many companies in the UK understand that one of the many benefits of Outsourced IT Support London Packages, is staying ahead of the technological curve at all times. Making sure your tech systems are being carefully monitored and managed is one thing – the latest Windows 11 release focuses a bit more on the aspects that PC gamers would appreciate. 

Windows 11: For Gamers

There are two critically important updates that Microsoft has chosen to include which are aimed at gamers in particular. These are the introduction of much-needed AutoHDR as well as storage and processing capabilities of a newly released DirectStorage system. Both of these crucial updates will allow for smoother, better gameplay. This is exactly why Microsoft has been adamant that the PC gaming community will be pleased with what they have been working hard on. 

The AutoHDR update features much more superior graphics. Basically, it means your dynamic range is higher (HDR) when you compare it to a standard dynamic range game. Having AutoHDR means you will be able to render noticeably better graphics, levels of brightness, and better colors than ever before which provides a much richer experience and depth to the games you will be playing. 

The much-anticipated DirectStorage feature was introduced with the latest consoles and has taken the power and performance they can output and bring that to PC. You can redirect any assets directly to your PC’s general processer and any CPU issues and bottlenecks that would have usually slowed down your game’s performance are eliminated. Overall, your gaming experience on PC is remarkably improved and you’ll be singing Windows 11’s praises after the release

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