Manchester United Bet Everything on Solskjaer and He Has No Room for Error

Updated On August 23, 2021 | by Alex Smith

Manchester United Bet Everything on Solskjaer

Two years ago Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over as Manchester United head coach. Many predicted then that he would not stay long, and that the leadership of the red devils was simply waiting for someone better. But now it is already 2021, and the Norwegian received a new contract. Everything seems to be in his hands.You can find more information about betting on the 22Bet website.

The news that the club’s former striker would potentially hold out until 2024, if not longer, was largely received positively. The current United is more logical and optimistic, and the new deal seems very logical.

Before the contract, Solskjaer was involved in “rebuilding”, but now his task is transformation. United put their trust in the coach and now there are no excuses left. You just need to start winning trophies.

But will he pull? The preseason games are clearly not very optimistic. Despite glimpses of splendor, scattered squads, devoid of their main stars, played without a clear goal and made annoying missteps. And yes, Solskjaer would not have counted on many of them in the new year, but some problems bring thoughts of others. United are expected to play the championship, but the old imperfections remain the same headache for the coach as before. Aaron Wan-Bissaka is still good at some points and bad at others, Brendan Williams still does not carry a lot of responsibility, and Alex Telles is injured. Anthony Elanga is charged but often fails his moments.

We already knew all this. Fortunately, Solskjaer also knows this.

“We need to work on every aspect of our game, we still have a long way to go. On the defensive, we have conceded too often, our standards leave much to be desired. The command is never completed. It is dynamic, consists of moving parts, and we must be ready for any changes in the matches or in our team itself, ”said Solskjaer after the first friendly match.

He’s clearly trying to fix what’s broken, as indicated by the club’s work in the transfer market. Jadon Sancho will add creativity, dynamics, and heads. Rafael Varane is definitely better than Viktor Lindelöf and will fit well next to Harry Maguire.

The future of Paul Pogba remains in question, but the coach made it clear that he likes to work with him, and he would like to continue to count on him. Changes were happening behind the scenes as well: Eric Ramsey came from Chelsea to help with standards, and renowned specialist Jamal Jerret will help the scouting department find new talent in north London.

Layer by layer this is how Solskjaer works. Interviews in Norwegian make it clear that he treats work like a redecorator at home. At first, you can’t do without a mess, but gradually the house is transformed into something completely new. At the beginning of last season, we peered, desperately trying to see if the mentor had any plan, and only by the end did we realize that yes, he was. And now we understand better how he will act next.

The United coach was recently asked how close he is to completing his project. He replied as follows: “It is a great honor to be a coach here. We continue to recruit people for the coaching staff, slowly moving towards our goal. We need to get better. It seems to me that now we are ready to take the next step to compete for trophies. There is no one else to blame. Now everything depends on him.