2023 Guide to Growing and Scaling Your eCommerce Business

Updated On January 5, 2023 | by Alex Jones

Key Tactics to Scale Your eCommerce Business

Are you hoping to grow your eCommerce business this year? In today’s crowded digital market, you need to do all you can to stand out from competitors to keep the profits coming in. 

Whatever stage you’re in with your eCommerce site, there are tons of things you can do to improve your site by broadening your customer base and making more sales this year. The increase of ecommerce has seen a large demand for the supply chain industry, along with the increased automation and web-based technology. Supply chains are now very complex, involved networks of workers who all have different tasks to complete. successful ecommerce fulfillment companies from Canada use many ecommerce-specific tools to help automate work, reduce costs, and generally scale their fulfillment processes. Keep reading for some tips on how to grow the eCommerce business in 2021 to learn more about the best strategies for e-commerce

Make Sure You’re Reaching Your Target Audience 

You can’t expect to build an eCommerce site and expect your ideal customer to come to you. For this reason, you must have a very clear idea of who your target audience is as well as how to best reach them and resonate with them. A common mistake that online companies make is trying to make their brand suitable for everyone. 

While this is a nice idea, it’s not a realistic one. For this reason, you must identify who the target audience for your product or service is. To do so, you should consider what types of people would be most interested in buying your product. Once you’ve done so, you can begin to try thinking as they do to target your advertising and marketing towards them. 

Work on Customer Retention 

Another common mistake that companies make when trying to grow their business is that they spend most of their marketing efforts and budget on trying to reel in new customers. While this is important, retaining your current customer base is just as so. Additionally, retaining current clients is much more affordable than trying to convert brand new ones. 

Encouraging repeat business is a great way to build on your customer relationships. If someone has already decided that they like your brand and products, you should reward them with great customer service, competitive pricing, and high-quality products so that they will keep coming back, and maybe even tell their friends about your brand too. You can use specials and discounts to encourage your current customers to make additional purchases. 

You may even consider setting up a customer loyalty program in which you reward those that have made a certain number of purchases with you. You can give these loyalty or VIP customers, certain discounts or points on each purchase that will lead up to free items or other special offers. Referral programs can help you use your current customer base to find new customers, and you can offer those that do referral your company to others some kind of reward. 

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Provide Great Customer Service 

A great way to encourage repeat business is to offer exceptional customer service. Because your company is online rather than physical, your customers cannot touch or experience your product before they purchase it. For this reason, you need to work to reduce their worries by making the buying experience as pain-free for them as possible. 

This means that you have to make sure they have confidence in purchasing with you which you can do by proving that you are there to assist them if anything goes wrong with their purchase. Additionally, you should add elements to your site that boosts website visitors’ social proof while also showing them that you are a credible site. You can do so by assuring that your site has all the necessary badges of credibility as well as testimonials, reviews, and ratings. 

By being able to see how others have experienced your product will help them imagine how they might use your product. The more glowing reviews that you have, the more likely you are to sell to customers that are purchasing with you for the first time and are wondering what they should expect. You want website visitors to feel that your brand is one worth spending money on. 

Think About Customer’s Safety

When you want to scale up your business, it is necessary to think about customers’ security. When you do online business, there are chances of data and identity theft. However, by the time, security has also grown up and available at an affordable price to reach maximum platforms.

One of the cheapest security is an SSL certificate and for online business, you can go with a wildcard SSL certificate that can secure multiple subdomains under a primary domain at the cheapest price. Just secure your main domain and all first level of subdomains will be secured under it.

Optimize Your Sales Funnel 

Your customer’s experience with your brand is essential to assuring that they will make it to the finish line: making a purchase. To make sure this experience is optimized, you need to examine every step in your sales funnel. You can’t only advertise to new and existing customers and expect them to complete purchases with you. 

Instead, you need to use marketing every step of the way, or in every stage of the customer’s buying process. It’s important to remember that this process is not linear. Customers tend to go about this process at their own rate, and sometimes out of sequence. 

Marketing to your customer at every step may seem impossible, but it can be made easy by automating areas of your marketing. For example, if a customer abandons a cart before checkout, send out automated emails to them to remind them that they still need to check out. You can even reach out to customers after they receive their purchase, asking them about their satisfaction or marketing a similar product to them. 

For seamless automation, using an end-to-end solution or web optimization services can help so that you can focus on other areas of your business. 

How to Grow eCommerce in 2021 

If you want to see success for your online store this year, keep the tips and tricks in this guide on how to grow eCommerce in mind for the best results. Make your company stand out this year to grow your customer base and boost your profits. 

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