Increase Your Monthly Savings in Vijayawada with These Simple Habits

Updated On July 2, 2021 | by Alex Smith


When you start living on your own in Vijayawada for the first time, you become conscious of several things – you have the freedom to explore the city to its fullest, you have no one telling you what to do all the time, and you have to manage your own money. Especially since it constantly seems to be running out. It’s not your fault, there are just so many things that you want to buy, restaurants that you want to visit, or events that you want to experience. Add those to your essentials and living costs and it’s no wonder that you’re pushing your wallet to its limits. But you’re still responsible. You’re living in a PG in Vijayawada instead of splurging on a flat, you take public transport, you’re trying to reduce your takeaway frequency and you’re trying to build a saving habit. It’s just taking you a while to reach your goal. Well, luckily, we’re here to make the job a whole lot easier for you. Because there are some easy swaps and simple habits that you can adopt in your daily life to take your monthly savings to the next level. And if that sounds like a good deal to you, let’s jump right into how you can achieve that.

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Choose the Right Phone Plan

We live in an age where almost everything we do is via smartphones. This means it’s time to pay a closer look at your phone plan to see if you’re getting the best deal. Skip roaming charges by buying a sim card in Vijayawada or porting your existing number. And remember that almost all phone networks now have a variety of packs that you can choose from which include 4G data, phone calls, and text messages. If you’re sticking to a postpaid plan or a pack simply out of habit or because you’ve stuck with it for years, it might be time to give this attitude a rethink. If a large part of your daily data limit goes unused every day, or if you find yourself having to make frequent top-ups, you should consider downgrading or upgrading your plan respectively. It’ll be a lot more cost-effective in the long run.

Delete Your Card Details

One prime suspect when it comes to overspending out of your monthly budget has to be impulse purchases. And it’s not your fault. Advertisements and offers are meant to draw you in. And the convenience of being able to order anything from food to clothes to makeup to technology at the tap of your fingers can lead to you making several impulse buys that you don’t want or need. Help yourself out by making the process of impulse buying a little bit more difficult. Deleting your credit card or payment details from these platforms will ensure that every time you want to make a purchase, you’re forced to input all the information from scratch. Those extra moments and effort will come in handy to make you reflect on whether you want what you’re buying, and help you cut down on your impulse spending, saving money in the process!

Change Your Beverage Picks

When it comes to thinking about saving money, the first thing you did was cut down the frequency of eating out or ordering in. But food is not the only thing eating away at your budget (pun not intended). Think about your beverage consumption habits. How much money are you spending every month on items like juices and soft drinks? How often do you pick up a cup of coffee from your local cafe in Vijayawada? Your beverage habits are one of the sneaky things that are taking up a huge chunk of your potential savings amount. And we’re not saying you should cut these beverages out of your life. But there are some smart swaps that you can make which will help both your health and your wallet. Replacing your juice or soft drink intake with homemade fruit-infused waters can help you cut down a lot of expense and sugar intake at the same time. And if you’re someone who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee, why not invest in a coffee machine and a travel mug instead. It’s a lot more value for money and you won’t ever have to wait in line again.

Cancel Your Gym Membership

Don’t worry, we’re not about to ask you to let go of your exercise or weight loss goals. But unless you’re a total fitness junkie, that gym membership that you’re shelling out on every month is one that you don’t use to its fullest. And if you are visiting the gym a few times a week, you’ve got to add the time and money factored into the commute as well. It might not be the most cost-effective option, especially when you can opt for managed accommodations like Stanza Living which has an in-house workout zone in their residences. You can check out their website to know more about their offerings. And even if you’re not opting for a solution like that, you can always turn to at-home workouts to ensure you’re getting your exercise even without hitting the gym. In fact, the convenience of working out at home might even lead you to be more active than your gym membership. So, think about whether it might be worth canceling your plan to upgrade your life instead.

And there you have it. Increasing your monthly savings in Vijayawada is a lot easier than it sounds with these simple changes to your daily lifestyle. So, go ahead and give them a try. We really think it’s going to make a world of difference to your wallet and your satisfaction.

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