How Email Personalization Can Increase Conversion Rates?

Updated On July 2, 2021 | by Manpreet Kaur Sandhu

Increase Conversion Rates by Email Personalization

A lot of studies have been done to find out—what works best for brands to not only drive more revenue but also to increase their customer base? 

Guess what! It comes out that “Personalized Emails” are much more effective when it comes to capturing customer attention. They can improve click-through rates by as much as 14% and are six times more likely to drive high conversion rates. In fact, 73.4 % of consumers put forward their views that they’d rather do business with those brands that use personal information to escalate the relevancy of their experiences.

But, what is personalization in the context of email marketing? Well, if you’re wondering that then, let’s tell you— 

What Is Email Personalization?

Email personalization is one of the email marketing tactics in which a company or a brand leverages their customers’ data and based on that, they create a more personal, one on one targeted email campaign to ensure that the unique needs and preferences of each of the individual consumers are addressed effectively. 

In simpler terms, to attract customers, email personalization involves customizing the email content based on their unique qualities like their first or last name, gender, birthday, interests, location, list of recent purchases, and more. 

With that said, this post will further discuss how personalization of emails works to drive high conversion rates. So, let’s continue reading—

How Email Personalization Works to Improve Conversion Rates?

“Personalization of email marketing is a crucial process” as implementing personalization in email campaigns help your company or your brand to reach its business target easily because they produce almost 20% more sales and revenue opportunities when compared with the non-personalized ones. Wondering how? Well, following are the reasons why Email Personalization should be done:

  • It helps the company in meeting the customer’s expectations and, in turn, strengthens customer experiences.
  • It helps in better engagement between the customer and the company.
  • It motivates consumers in sending their personal data to the company/brand.
  • It helps in creating content relevant to the company’s customers.
  • It makes an email subject line stand out within the inbox to stimulate subscribers to click through the same.
  • And, last but not least, it improves the reputation of the sender of the email by sending the correct content to the correct customer at the correct time.

So, now you all can agree to the fact that email personalization is one of the key elements that increase the likelihood of an email being opened and clicked upon to skyrocket the revenue as well as to increase the customer base. 

But, unfortunately with increased competition, basic personalization won’t do any magic and is failing to make the right engagement of the companies with their customers. In short, it is clearly evident that personalization has an impact on conversion rates, but until it’s done correctly. If not, then both marketers and companies cannot experience the full benefits. 

Therefore, in such a scenario, you need the next level of personalization tactic for your emails and considering that giving subscribers the personalization they crave has never been easier; we’ve listed some of those effective ways to personalize your email marketing campaigns right here in this blog. Have a look—

Effective Ways to Personalize Email Marketing Campaigns

Do Customer Segmentation

As evident that all individual customers have different tastes, preferences, and interests, it won’t be right to expect a single email to have the same impact on all your targeted customers. Thus, you need to consider your customer’s different segments based on these four pillars—

So, by going the extra mile in understanding your potential customer’s likes-dislikes and sending them the most relevant recommendations and offers shows how much you value them as a customer.

Consider Purchase History of the Consumer

If you know what your customers bought three months ago or six months ago or a year ago, then that data makes it easy for you to set your sights on the interest of your consumers. Basically, the purchase history of the subscribers helps you to analyze the product which they had purchased in the recent past so that you can send them emails aligned with the same.

Add Hyper-Relevant Visuals

Studies found that visuals can make or break a customer’s willingness to interact with a brand. This means, with advancement in technology, customers also become advanced as they expect hyper-personalized, hyper-relevant visuals and experiences in emails they received from brands. For example: If your customer just purchased a couch then, don’t show them ads of more couches, instead mail them ad visuals of pillows, rugs and throws that could complete the look. So, this is how delivering an exceptionally relevant and visual experience to your customers is crucial for developing an effective personalized email.

Craft Email Recommendations Centered On The Abandoned Cart of Customers

Next, on the basis of ‘abandoned cart’ that the customers fill with their likable products and did not complete the check-out process anyhow; you can craft a personalized email simply to remind the customers that the specific product was added to the cart, but the process was not completed yet.

Send Category Based Discount

Last but not least, you should send discount coupons to your customers via email and this will surely help to increase their excitement level. However, note that you should focus on delivering coupons to customers of those products which they will be genuinely interested in and by this we mean, you must avoid sending generic coupons to your customers.

So, considering these aforementioned effective ways, you can develop a personalized email campaign and increase your business |company | brand’s conversion rates. However, to get more help regarding the same, you can visit this email campaigns link as well.

Bottom Line

That’s all! If you’re already utilizing email personalization then move further from basic personalization to generate high conversion rates and if you still not then, it’s high time to stay ahead of the competitors by starting working on above-mentioned game-changer email personalization tactics in your marketing campaigns. However, for getting your hands on more solutions to ‘Increase Marketing Revenue from Personalized Email,’ you can visit eSputnik” .

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