How to Choose the Right Type of Badge Reels for Your Business Needs

Updated on January 12, 2021 | by Alex Jones

id card badge reels for business

Enhancing security, boosting employee morale, enhancing employee accountability, and promoting professionalism in the work environment are a few reasons organizations opt for ID badges. However, finding the right accessories and id badge reels can be challenging. 

While there are several options in the market, not all of them may work for you. Understanding the benefits of different options helps you select one that fits your needs.

What Type of ID Badge Reel Should You Opt For?

The type of id reel you opt for will depend on how ID badges are used in your organization. Companies that require IDs only for scanning them at checkpoints will benefit from selecting ID badge reels. However, organizations that need ID badges during conferences or meetings and want the employee’s name displayed clearly should opt for lanyards. 

Hence, no hard and fast rules, nor any particular type of id badge accessory that every organization should have. The type of accessory used will depend on the needs of each company.

What Are the Different Types of ID Badge Reels?

Badge reels are ideal for various situations. They help keep the ID out of the way so that it does not snag on any machinery and allow employees to easily pull-out their ID to use with proximity sensors or for other reasons. Hence, many organizations opt for this handy accessory. There are different types of badge reels to choose from:

  • Heavy-duty Reels: Optimum for use in outdoor or industrial settings, these reels have the option of using a chain-linked or fiber-reinforced cord rather than vinyl ones. The cords can range from 18 to 24 inches in length.
  • No-swivel Reels: Ideal for organizations where employees need to have their badges on display at all times, but also may need to use their IDs for proximity sensors several times throughout the day. These reels keep the cord flat as it is entering the badge reel, keeping it from turning or swiveling.
  • Standard Reel: These are standard badge reels that organizations use when they need their employees to carry their ID with them throughout the day but want to keep IDs out of the way. The badge always remains pointing downwards, no matter what the orientation of your reel is. The reel usually has a clip attached to the back so that employees can easily clip it to their clothing. The reel also rights itself to ensure that it is not sticking out at odd angles.

This variety of reels is usually adequate for most organizations to pick from. Badge reels can address many requirements, making them a popular choice.

What Shape Should Your Reel Be?

Apart from the type of ID badge reels, your organization can also select whether it wants a circular or a square reel. Usually, the shape depends on whether a logo will be engraved on the reel. If a logo is to be engraved, then the reel’s shape usually depends on the shape of the logo. If the reel is to remain blank, the form depends on individual preferences.

Apart from the shape of the reel, the color can also be selected. Organizations may either pick colors that complement their logo or opt for plain metallic colors. The Uniform shape and color of the reel help boost professionalism and uniformity.

ID badges are a necessity for every organization. However, to ensure adherence to wearing the identification badges, you must also make it a hassle-free accessory for your employees. Selecting the right ID badge reel helps ensure that your employees are comfortable wearing their ID badges without disrupting their daily tasks, especially in complicated settings of medical facilities.

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