Ways to Run a Veterinary Marketing Campaign

Updated on March 9, 2021 | by Alex Jones

Veterinary Marketing Campaign

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Starting your Veterinary Marketing Campaign

Before you go ahead and start your marketing campaign, there are some things you have to remember. The marketing techniques and strategies that you’ll use should be tailored, consistent and innovative.


You should first establish your practice. Who are you? What is your brand? What sets you apart from other veterinary services? Your marketing campaign should be tailored towards your own goals, values and identity as a veterinary practice. 


One of the things that makes a marketing campaign successful is consistency. The marketing strategies and techniques you chose should align with your practice’s identity. Is this appropriate? Having consistent marketing also shows that you are professional.


The work does not stop after you’ve launched your marketing campaign. You have a responsibility to monitor your progress through analytics. Find out which marketing techniques are being received well. Try to learn about the audience you attract the most. Aside from that, you have a responsibility to keep updated with the trends.

Running a Veterinary Marketing Campaign

So, how will I know which marketing techniques to employ for my veterinary marketing campaign? The answer would depend on your practice. However, here are ways to run your marketing campaign: 

1. Establish your identity through logos and slogans

People usually get a first impression of any establishment through its logo and slogans. It is important that both of these not only reflect the identity of the practice/business, but also be memorable enough for people to remember it, helping with brand recognition. 

2. Be present across different social media networks

One aspect of marketing involves finding ways to get a better reach of people. You can do this through drivers such as social media networks (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.). You can access and communicate to different communities through social media.

3. Create informative content

Content creation in forms of videos, blog posts, infographics and many more can help increase your online presence. You can do a Q&A video answering common questions regarding animal care or make infographics that show what one should do if your pet has a certain behavior. The content you produce should have key words/phrases that will help generate traffic to your website. 

4. Collaborate with veterinary-related communities, businesses and establishments

This collaboration not only helps with the exposure of your practice to other markets, but also contributes in growing your network. 

5. Hold giveaways, contests, promos or special offers

Giveaways, contests, promos or special offers give an opportunity for people to “get their foot in the door” to your practice. 

6. Monitor performance and analytics

Doing a marketing campaign is useless if you don’t take advantage of the data that will inform you of your marketing performance. Monitoring your online presence and performance is important for each service to be able to identify whether or not the marketing campaign is benefiting you or not.

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