Tips and Tricks to Improve Local SEO Marketing

Updated On March 1, 2023 | by Kamal


Any sharp-witted business person understands the role any form of marketing does in giving a clear-cut competitive edge over competitors. Local SEO marketing plays such a role albeit in a technological sense. It gives localized visibility to a business by interfacing it with place-specific queries. A significant number of the total Google searches are local, making it an integral tool for promoting local businesses when harnessed in the right way. Search engines have all manner of information that can be used to evaluate various rankings, geo-location, and the users’ IP addresses leading the pack. 

With local SEO marketing, customized marketing of your business to a target population likely to be your customers is guaranteed. To achieve this in an optimum way, it’s advisable to engage digital marketers who offer such services in your local region. If your business is located in Bucks County, you can simply google ‘how to find a Bucks County local SEO marketing company’ or get referrals from friends. 

Read on to find out the best-categorized tips and tricks on how you’ll be able to give your business the needed boost through SEO marketing and be visible in your local area’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Register for Google My Business

Creating your businesses’ google my business account is a simple step that will lead to google verifying your business as genuine and place it in a localized area. This will qualify you to claim all listings about it. The next important thing will be to describe your services or goods uniquely by giving a brief description about them (ensure to use keywords). You’ll need to give a catalog of prices for different goods and services, payment systems, operation hours, and other relevant fields.

Your business will start being visible in google search local results displaying all the information you provided!   

Conduct Local Keyword Research

Research pertinent keywords that could direct traffic to your business, keeping in mind your locality. Find keywords that can preferably be the best fit for the services or goods you offer and include them in your website page’s metadata. There are many free online tools you could use to ascertain how relevant the keywords you want to choose are to your local business.

It’s better to settle for long-tail keywords to weed out competition from similar businesses already on ranking on the first page of the SERPs.

Capitalize on Online Reviews

Online reviews left on your business’s website by customers are quite important for convincing and directing future potential customers. You’d be surprised that almost 90% of prospective customers take reviews from other customers very seriously! One way to make customers leave reviews is by politely requesting them to after offering a service or sale. Most often willing to oblige, particularly after serving their interests well. Another way is by following up with an email asking for a review.    

Ensure to always respond politely and professionally to negative reviews, promise better service, and correct whatever caused the dissatisfaction. 

Capitalize on Social Media 

Create social media pages for your website on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and youtube. Some customers often leave reviews there, and google often posts relevant search results from there, sometimes even recent posts. These platforms are also an overall good exposure to your business and maybe a tool that can be harnessed to build long-term customers from the inter-activity. 

A business with an active social media account feels more interactive and enhances trust in the business brand.     

Reach out to local organizations and businesses that partner with your business and request them to add a backlink to your website in some of their blogs. A great way to build a network of relevant backlinks is always to post good content. Other sites will automatically link up to your blogs, directing users to find other related or relevant information. One of the most effective ways to build links with external sites, is to post content on best free press release sites as they offer maximum link juice.

Include Keywords and Clean your URLs 

URLs are the links consisting of several parts that lead a web searcher to specific pages on your website. Sometimes they are unclear and disordered with all manner of random numbers and words. Links like this may seem untrustworthy for searchers; a good link should indicate where or what kind of page it might be leading to. Someone is more likely to click on a clear link than a cluttered one, hence translating to more traffic.

Ensure that you use relevant keywords on the URLs leading to different pages. This will help users navigate through different pages with ease, always with a clue on what to expect in each of them. All this ultimately leads to an improved ranking and a boosted SEO!

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