How Do Energize Employees for Performance and Productivity?

Updated On March 14, 2023 | by Alex Jones

How to Energize Employees

The success of any business largely falls on the performance of its employees. When you have a motivated and happy workforce, that translates to more sales, customer satisfaction ratings, and conversions. It also leads to better interpersonal relationships within the company because your employees feel supported, and their needs are met. And that, in turn, helps curb the turnover rate, it is the pro tip for business owners.

It’s easy to understand why companies are investing in employee retention and engagement programs, but there’s a lot of research that suggests there are some pretty simple things you can do to energize your workforce. Here are 9 Ways To Energize Your Employees for improved performance and productivity.

Engaging Employees

High-performing employees are often those who are highly engaged and involved in their work. While some people may mistakenly believe that this is a given job, such is not necessarily the case. In fact, studies show that only around 20% of workers are truly engaged in their jobs, according to Harvard Business Review. When managers dedicate time to helping employees develop skills and relationships with co-workers, they are more likely to feel engaged and more loyal to the company.

Getting it Right With Hiring

Hiring is another factor that can play a large part in a company’s performance and retention. Most employers prefer to hire people based on their technical or professional skill set, regardless of the personal traits they bring to the table. But, fitting the mold of a particular job may not be the best approach to take when trying to find high-performing employees.

Studies show that personality plays a large part in a performance at work. If you are looking for people who are good at managing stress, collaborate well with others, or present ideas confidently, then you need to start looking for those traits first. Instead of jumping in with strict requirements and work experience, use more subjective methods such as personality assessments to find people who have the skills necessary for high performance.

Streamlined Communication

Communication is a very important tool in motivating your employees, whether it is one-on-one or group communication. The various forms of communication that employees use to have a significant impact on performance. While email might seem like a frequent form of communication, research has found that talking face-to-face with the person you are working with is much more effective in motivating and engaging an employee. Real-time conversations are important for communicating both positive and negative information.

Find Time for Fun

Sometimes, motivation is as simple as having fun with your employees. This can be as simple as a game of dodgeball or a lunchtime pizza party. Things can get serious when you’re talking about work, but it’s important to remember to have some fun along the way. If you’re looking for ways to energize your employees, try having a staff party or even a team lunch every once in a while.

Create Opportunities for Expansion

 Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most effective. Consider offering promotions or other incentives for employees who are pushing their departments forward. By creating opportunities to expand, you’re ensuring that your employees are going above and beyond what is expected of them. One of the best ways to inspire employees is to make sure they’re getting all of the support they need from you and their coworkers.

Don’t Place Too Much Pressure on Their Shoulders

A great way to improve performance is having high expectations. But, be careful of the deadlines and how to meet them. Don’t put your employees under so much pressure that it will affect their performance. Remember, you want to see improvement over time while still staying true to your company’s values.

Provide Professional Development Opportunities

A study from the Society for Human Resource Management showed that nearly 70% of employers say that professional development is an important part of employee engagement. This is another great way to help your employees feel engaged and to be more productive when they come back to work after a professional development opportunity.

Offer Positive Reinforcement 

There are a lot of different ways to do this, from casual, positive comments to written notes on their performance evaluations. Don’t just do it when a person has hit a milestone or reached a goal, but also keep in mind that the occasional pat on the back can be just as effective as something bigger in terms of recognition and appreciation.

Boost Morale

Last but certainly not least, morale is an important part of boosting your employees’ spirits. If you’re looking for ways to energize your employees, you can do this by having a farewell party for those who are leaving, or even just by giving them some sort of token that shows how much you value them. Even getting your employees together to play cards is a great way to boost their spirits.

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