How to Choose the Best Directory Submission Sites

Updated on June 11, 2021 | by Ankit

If you are struggling to choose between online directory sites, you have landed at the right place. I am going to shed some light on some important key factors that you should consider before selecting the online directory for any external linking. 

A great and easy way to achieve a better Google ranking is through directory submissions. Web-Directory is very similar to a phone directory. The only difference is that instead of your phone number it hosts details of your webpage/server/domain address and information related to your site. 

The internet is flooded with an array of paid and free directories. By considering the following key factors before choosing a directory,  you can easily increase the credibility and visibility of your webpage.

Important Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing  Directory Submission Sites

Indexed Sites

When choosing a directory site you need to first identify its credibility. One way to do this is to check if the directory site has been indexed or identified by the topmost search engines. If the website isn’t listed or indexed in any of the good search lists, you should not link your blog/site through this particular website. 

Extensive Categories

Before submitting your external links you should always check for an extensive list of categories. This will help you find the perfect category for your desired product/blog/site. Also, it increases visibility and maintains the credibility of your link. It is essential to cite your links under the right categories. Use competitive and essential keywords, and update them regularly according to the keyword’s online trend.    

  • Extra Tip:

When submitting your links on a directory, try choosing the best possible category with the least amount of listings. This will drastically increase your page visibility.

Trust and Authority:

When selecting a site you need to thoroughly scrutinize the site for spam links. If the directory hosts a lot of unsolicited links, you shouldn’t submit to it. Usually sites that are monitored and scrutinized by a Human host are more credible and authoritative. Some of these sites are available for free, while others are to be paid for. 

Sites With a Better PR:

Search extensively to find Directory submission sites with a high PR. This will attract a high quality online traffic form an interesting yet credible source to your blog/site/page. When directing an audience to your webpage it is essential to target the right people, specifically your niche. Cite your links according to categories in order to successfully engage the right audience. 

Quality over Quantity: 

You should always submit high quality content and links. It is better to submit your listings in a directory which hosts Quality links and content. You need to ensure this, in order to maintain the credibility and visibility of your website. Using essential links on really cool websites can increase the conversion on your website and optimize your search engine ranking. 

Manual Submission over Automated Software’s: 

A manual submission should be preferred over an automated submission. When selecting a directory try using manually linking sources. One problem with automated submission directories is that they submit an unnecessary amount of links that can actually get your site penalized or blocked.

Avoid Sites That Require a Reciprocal link:

When choosing a directory it is important to consider that you don’t have to sign-up for any reciprocal links or banners and ads on your website. Because, Instead of doing good to your website, it will in fact damage your sites SEO ranking. 

Submitting to an online Web-Directory can be extremely beneficial for improving the site’s SEO ranking. Just keep the above-mentioned advice in mind before choosing any online directory sites.

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