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How to Work with an SEO Adelaide Agency?

Updated on April 9, 2021 | by Ankit

How an SEO Agency Works

The majority of SEO companies work as an extension of the in-house marketing team. There are a few steps to work with an SEO Adelaide agency that’s perfect for you. These steps are necessary as they make your collaboration with search engine optimization experts a success. The steps involved are – 

Prepare Your In-House Team 

Before working with an SEO agency, get proper teams in your company on the same page. Make them aware of why your company requires to hire SEO professionals and how working with them will affect your business.

Also, choose those who will work directly with the agency to get the results you want. The people you select would help to bridge the gap between the agency and your company. Doing this will ensure that someone keeps the SEO agency to fit in your company culture and expectations and goals for working with them and timeline. 

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Discovery Session 

To work within an SEO agency is to rank high for target keywords, drive sales, generate more traffic, or all of the three. But no two business needs are similar, and SEO strategies that work for a company might not work for you. So find some time to provide every piece of information about your business related to SEO with a firm you select to work with. Doing this will help them to make strategies and plans unique to achieve the targets. Exceptional SEO firms allow you to share the information with them through a discovery session. 

Research and Recommendations 

After you share your business condition, goals, and needs with the SEO company, find out what they do next. Leading SEO Agencies will not send you quotes and invoices. They first do the research, using the information you shared with them to get the right context about your business’s condition. When they do this, they are on the same page with your company, business, goals, target audience, and competition. After this research, they share recommendations of what is required to be done to get better results. They can send their recommendation through an email or talk to you over the phone directly. 

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Contract with Deliverables 

After your call and follow conversations, you can expect to get a contract from the SEO agency if they find working along with you is a good fit. It is better to share the contract with your team’s related members, those who are working directly with the agency. Go through all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. Also, share the contract with the legal department to avoid finding an agreement that may hurt or bind your company in the future. 


When an SEO company is working with you, they may request access to your company’s digital assets. Such assets may include the website or blog password, your tools login codes, selected in house staff, and more. To start a working relationship with your company, the agency takes you through a detailed onboarding process, so you should be ready for one. Through this session, your project’s future, communication channels, delivery timelines, and understanding of how the two parties manage your project are explained and communicated.

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