Hide Your IP and Access Unblocked Sites with a VPN

Updated On October 25, 2021 | by Louise Simon

Hire Your IP with Professional VPN Service

Want to stay safe when you surf online? Want to unblock streaming services like Netflix, play popular games like PUBG, and show yourself on famous social media platforms Facebook and  WhatsApp? You need a VPN service.

Follow this post to know everything you need to know about the VPN and enjoy the best free VPN for Windows, Android, or iOS with a new provider called iTop VPN. But let’s first talk about why you need to use a VPN, in other words, what’s the disadvantage if you do not connect to a VPN server on Windows.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

With a small business VPN service, your personal information will not be leaked and you can access some unblocked content.. Let’s go through them one by one.

It’s Unsafe if Lack of the Protection of a VPN

You may hear so many times that the network is unsafe. But why? This is because your personal IP information can be easily fetched by others.  

According to Wikipedia, an Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.

Your IP address is required if you want to use the internet. You can not avoid it as it is complimentary based on the Internet Protocol. What makes us curious is that the IP address might reveal a lot of information about ourselves such as our location, surfing habits, download and payment history, and any other online activity. Imagine what will happen if a hacker knows your personal information.

There are multiple VPN providers that now exist in the market. However, not all VPN providers can be termed safe and reliable. This is not to say that a free VPN for Windows will be unsafe. The key is to undertake research and check for online reviews and ratings before deciding on a VPN provider. Go to forums and community platforms to help understand VPN providers that offer a safe and reliable service. 

You Need a VPN to Access Unblocked Sites

Do you know that some sites are blocked in some countries? For example, you can not visit PayPal if you live in Pakistan. You can not watch TikTok videos if you live in India. Whatever the reason is, some people want to do things they like.

Attention! You need to get the permission of your local government if you need to use a VPN to visit unblocked content for some reason.

What to Consider When Choosing a Provider

Where there is a need, there is a product. Hundreds of VPN providers occur, trying to save all of your problems. These VPN products protect your privacy by changing your IP address and send & receive network data from their own servers. Your computer directly communicates with its servers. 

Therefore, the first thing to consider when you choose a VPN provider is to make sure the provider never records your online activities. They don’t have to have a free VPN service or a paid one. Your information is most important.

The second point to check is the number of a provider’s servers. You will not like an offline moment when you are watching an exciting movie. And of course, the speed also matters. Sometimes a VPN server will stop working, which is usual. After all, a server is also a machine. But if a provider has a lot of servers, you can switch to other servers.

Lastly, the location of the VPN servers matters and how VPN change location for you makes a great impact. You can try different servers in different locations to find the fastest one for you. And of course, you have more chances to visit prohibited content from all over the world.

No matter which provider you choose, you’d better try their services before purchasing a plan. Many providers have a free trial offer. You can take it and see if it’s your ideal option. And here, we’d like to introduce iTop VPN because it has many features. 

About iTop VPN

iTop VPN is a quick and free VPN service that allows you to protect your privacy while also accessing limitless video games, music, social networking, and streaming from anywhere on the globe. iTop VPN encrypts all Internet traffic and masks the true IP address from hackers and trackers. iTop VPN offers over 1800 worldwide network servers to users, supports TCP, UDP, and HTTPS connection protocols, and automatically activates the Kill Switch. iTop VPN also protects against DNS assaults and offers a free IP checker tool.

Furthermore, iTop VPN enhances its privacy protection by automatically detecting and eliminating any potentially dangerous or deceptive faults. You may utilize the Browser Privacy and Ads Block features to safeguard your privacy even further. When you access the web, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other browsers will automatically remove browser traces and block advertising and hazardous websites.


Hope you have a deep understanding of the meaning and the importance of a VPN. Starting using a VPN for Windows, macOS, or even your smartphones and keep safe online.

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