Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Most Functional Grill Covers

Updated On June 4, 2021 | by Alex Smith


Grilling is one such fun activity now which the homeowners enjoy the most during summer eves. This engagement can make your ordinary days and nights extraordinary. There are various types of grills available, and you can surely find one that suits them best for your lifestyle. If you own such a grill, what is not that delightful about this equipment is its need to be stored securely during rainy and snowy days. You should not let the grill get rusted if you want to enjoy those delicious barbecues for long. The best option to keep your grilling unit protected is to get a good quality grill cover. Today, we will discuss the best choices in grill covers available in the market to help the grill owners effectively store their grills when not in use.

Choosing the Best Grill Covers

As we can see, grill covers are considered to be special purchase items, in which you are never short of options. Therefore, whatever type of grilling unit you have, whichever size you own, you can find the best-fitting high-quality cover for the same.

The process of picking the best quality grill cover melts down into the quality of the cover material, quality in making the same, and the cover’s size to appropriately fit onto your unit. In addition, there are a few essential features to look for while buying a grill cover as UV resistance, waterproofing ability, adjustability, etc.

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Pricing of Grill Covers

As of late, the grill covers are coming much cheaper. When comparing the cost of a grill cover with that, you spent for a quality grill is nothing but an essential investment to keep up the return on investment on your grilling unit. You can also pick some basic model grill covers starting from $40 and the best ones ranging from $50 to $80. It is always advisable to choose the best quality product made of strong and durable material to ensure optimum protection to the grilling unit and the endurability of the cover itself for a long.

Grill Cover Materials

Cover for grills are usually made of three materials:

  1. Polyester – The most popular variant of grill covers, which are also the most expensive. Good quality polyester covers like the 600D materials are highly popular as these can offer optimum protection against water, wind, sun’s heat, etc. These are the most durable and sturdiest material available in grill covers.
  1. Vinyl – Next to polyester, vinyl is also getting popular as the flexible and premium material for outdoor grill protective covers. It is deemed to be more water-resistant and has properties of water resistance, UV resistance, tear resistance, etc.
  1. Canvas – This is one of the most fundamental materials for making coverings. Canvas covers come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and thicknesses. Canvas is a very strong material, but it is not fully waterproof and does not have UV resistance capabilities.

There are many great options in grill covers in the above categories, so that you may take your time and do thorough research to identify the best material and features on grill covers to choose for your purpose.