A Smooth Drive with the Right Car

Updated on January 13, 2023 | by Alan Biles

drive with right cars

Finally, you decided to get your dream car, but unsure about the best dealer to get it from? Well, look no more; you can always visit Vin’s Automotive Group for the best car deals.

Many people make the mistake of getting the wrong car all because they didn’t get it from a credible dealer. Take a look around you, and you will find dealers claiming they are the very best in the industry only to leave you disappointed when you finally get your ride from their store.

For starters, you can either get your car from authorized dealers or parallel importers. However, they both import cars and are recognized as legal entities to carry on this business, yet there are little differences in their scale of operation.

In this article, you will find out the differences that exist between parallel importers and authorized dealers (if any). And you would also get the best tips to guide you in deciding on the best car. So you don’t end up forking out your hard-earned money for something that would bring later regrets.

What is the Difference Between Parallel Importers and Authorized Dealers?

Authorized Distributors (AD) are companies that have exclusive distribution rights for a particular car brand from the manufacturer of the vehicle. While Parallel Importers (PI) purchase directly from the factories producing the cars and then import them directly to the company.

Authorized dealers are usually large companies, and they carry on the business of selling cars in line with the brand marketing of particular car manufacturers. Although their prices are higher when compared to Parallel importers who offer the same vehicle but with brand marketing entirely different from the original car maker’s.

Although most PIs are small scale, there are some exceptions that can give you a similar experience to what you will get when you buy your car from authorized dealers. An example of such parallel importers is Vin’s automotive.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Car

The majority of automobile consumers are guilty of these crimes when it comes to buying cars. You would be doing yourself a great injustice when you buy a car all because you saw a fancy ad.

  1. Make your research and findings: the popular phrase “knowledge is power” is applicable to all scenarios, including buying a car. I repeat, the buying process is complex that would leave you feeling regretful if you don’t do it right. Before you decide to buy a used car, empower yourself with as much information as you can and always check the vehicle history report. This will help you find the right used car of your choice within your budget.
  2. Look into your budget and consider other financing options that are available for the car but never make the mistake of buying a vehicle that does not fit into your budget.
  3. Negotiate the price of your car.
  4. Test run your car.
  5. Thoroughly check the car condition while buying a used car.
  6. Ask as many questions as you can ask from your dealer. 

With this, you are better equipped to proceed in your course of buying a car.

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