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Updated On May 25, 2022 | by Louise Simon


The news is not sensational, but we can’t help but mention the new school year ahead.

The news is changing every day, the world is changing, education is changing, and even the demand for jobs is changing more and more every day. And people have a demand to work remotely rather than sit in an office, which is what most students are doing nowadays. After all, it’s easier to be a paper writer or help with homework and still get paid for it than to sit in an office from morning till night later and not know what’s next. Today’s world is very nonstop. Both students and other people now find it is very hard to constantly adjust to new technology and play by the new rules of modern life.

So we are expanding our horizons and offer the top 10 apps for study, leisure, entertainment, and flexible HAW.  And of course, we post everything we write about (and not only) on our Telegram Channel. Feel free to join in. It’s interesting out there. 

Let’s get started! 

Alarmy (Android) 

Didn’t oversleep the first class – not a student. And really, how many times have you promised yourself to get up in the morning with an alarm? Alarmy will not spare you and make you wake up, no matter how much you resist.  Of the “pluses” of the app: to turn it off, you need to solve a couple of random math examples or puzzles, attach a picture of a pre-pictured place (the developers recommend a photo of the bathroom or sink), shake your phone hard, scan the barcode of the shower gel or shampoo and enjoy a super loud ringtone.  All in all, this alarm clock will do everything to make sure you wake up on time! 

Timetable (Android) 

Have you been looking for an app that you can put your class schedule, homework, and exams into? Timetable is designed for learning tasks. It even turns the sound off automatically when you’re in class. Not bad, right? “Tricks” of the app: synchronization between all devices (you enter information once – and you view it on your tablet, desktop, and smartphone), the ability to specify the subject, the number of classrooms and pair, the date of exams, and the name of the teacher.  This app will make sure you clearly know what class you have, what was assigned, and the name of the instructor.  

Zaochnik (Android) 

Every semester you “impatiently” waiting to write a term paper, an essay, or a lab? The mobile app from Zaochnik will help you with all kinds of student work. What’s good about the app? First, it is free. Secondly, it is simple. Third, it’s easy to use. Throw in more pluses: you can take a picture of the assignment/tutorial/requirements rather than manually posting them. The app recognizes the images, uploads them, and sends them to the manager.  The principle of work: you place the job – make an advance payment – pick up the ready work and pay 100% – successfully pass the session, defend the essay, thesis, or whatever you need. What else is useful about the Zaochnik app? You can quickly place an order, manage your profile, leave feedback, and communicate with a personal manager 24 hours a day.  

Scanbot (Android, iOS)

University is not a school. There are not enough textbooks for everyone, and nobody really cares, so the situation is quite predictable when you have to photocopy notes, study materials, and teaching aids a lot.  The Scanbot application is the No. 1 assistant when you need to copy a large volume of text quickly. It recognizes documents better than your smartphone camera, immediately sorts them into folders, uploads them to the cloud, and even converts them to PDF.  Overall. Very useful thing if you’re not a fan of writing in lectures, sharing a tutorial with the whole group, or sitting in the reading room.  

Pomodoro Smart Timer (Android)

Have you heard of the “tomato” technique? It’s when you study for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. And so several times in a row. This method is very effective because it involves a comfortable alternation of load and rest.   The Pomodoro Smart Timer app will help you to prepare productively for a session or just a seminar, and then it will come in handy in life. After all, such a change of activity has a positive effect on memorization, “absorption” of information, and reminds you to rest.  

ToDoist (Android, iOS)

Want something simple and convenient? The ToDoist Scheduler is at your service. If you already use it – good for you, if not – install it now. ToDoist will free your head from endless to-do lists, plans, and tasks and in a couple of clicks will write down an appointment or a rescheduled date, even without an Internet connection. The Scheduler is quite functional: you can arrange tasks in groups and monitor the progress of each “project”, view tasks by urgency and importance, and set reminders.  Karma points are awarded for each completed task, which motivates you to keep working. The paid version of the application can be synchronized with Google calendar.  

Nike Training Club (Android, iOS)

Forgot that a healthy body is a healthy spirit? We’ll remind you. The free Nike Training Club sports app includes strength training, cardio, yoga, pilates, stretching, and callanetics with video commentary from famous trainers.  What’s the power? You can choose short workouts without equipment and track your results even if you have a very busy training schedule. Each user has a personalized list of recommendations based on your training choices: the more often you train, the more accurate they become.  The app takes into account your progress outside the program as well: you pull up on the chin-ups in the dorm yard – they take that into account, you run to class – they write it down. 

Zenify (Android, iOS)

Did you remember to take your head off the textbook and see how beautiful the world is? The Zenify app is designed to remind you that beauty is in the little things: throughout the day, it sends you simple tasks that are designed to distract you from your routine and look at things from a different angle. For example, consider every hair on your arm or observe a butterfly.  Set the frequency of notifications, choose the time – and go to the beauty!  Warning! The application is in English. Pull up your knowledge. 

Smiling Mind (Android)

Yes, yes, and we’re all about our sheep: mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation. When you really need to relax and think about good things, the guys from Smiling Mind will help you: you will learn how to properly and accurately meditate, use the Mindfulness technique and comprehend Zen.  Australia’s developers are calling for mindful meditation classes to be mandatory at all schools and universities by 2020. We’ll see. Attention! The application is in English. 

IDrinkSmarter (Android, iOS)

Awareness and meditation for the moment, and let’s talk about the essentials: how to properly drink so that in the morning do not have a headache? When else but as a student to throw parties, throw the TV out the window, and crash hotel rooms?  Although we’re not rock stars, we don’t have that many TVs, and it’s not cheap to live in hotels. So we install the IDrinkSmarter app and clearly follow the instructions: they tell us when to go out for a breath, what drink to have next, and what not to mix it with. It’s a great app, and it’s in English. And to make sure that nothing clouds your grand parties, contact the student service, whose experts will help you write your term paper, graduation thesis, test, and any other student paper.

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