How is Faxing by Email Different from Traditional Faxing Methods?

Jun 6, 2023 Reading time : 4 min
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The evolution of technology usually offers several benefits compared to those older ways of doing things. And, in this digital age when it is especially demanding to stay connected digital solutions come in handy. these allow us to send and receive attachments within a minute with just a good internet connection irrespective of the geographical location. 

Let’s look at how online faxing compares to the traditional way and the benefits of an online solution to hassle-free communication.

How We Used to Send Faxes

Traditional faxing has been available since 1865 when Giovanni Caselli created a pantelegraph, the first commercial fax between Paris and Lyon, France. Since then, we’ve come a long way from writing messages on thin tin sheets, scanning them with a needle, and sending them to another pendulum-operated machine.

In 1947, the modern apparatus for this, as we know it existed. However, you operated it by dialing the recipient’s number and scanning the image. Then, it converted the image into binary code and transmitted it using phone lines. The fax machine on the other end decoded the 1s and 0s back into the image sent, which is printed out on paper. Then you waited for confirmation that the other device received your fax.

How Online Faxing is Different From Traditional Faxing

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It is achieved by using a computer or mobile device and a combination of phone lines and the internet to send compositions. When sending the documents via email, they go through an online service, like MyFax, that converts your email to fax. In this case, you enter the phone number into the send-to field in an email, attach the records, and send the email. MyFax, which provides specific and innovative solutions to fax important papers, then converts the email into a fax and sends it to the recipient. At the other end, it is transformed into an email that eventually lands in the recipient’s inbox.

Is it More Beneficial to Use Online Faxing Versus Traditional Methods?

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The short answer is “yes.” There are many advantages to it that conventional approaches can’t offer. In particular, being able to fax from devices always on hand and not using paper contributes to the benefits of sharing over the internet.

Faxing From a Mobile Device Offers Convenience and Cost-Savings

Having devices on hand to fax at a moment’s notice is an asset for anyone. If you need to send a deadlined or urgent fax, you can do so regardless of time and location. Simply fax the document from your mobile device, keeping minor issues from growing into big ones. Being able to share content from devices such as computers and mobile devices means you don’t have to purchase a separate machine for your needs. And, not having a different device means no maintenance costs for upkeep and repairs, which offers up significant cost savings.

Paperless Faxing Presents Many Advantages

Online faxing offers a paperless way to fax that enhances the security of your sensitive documents, which you never want to get into the wrong hands. With paperless faxing, there’s no chance of that happening. Other benefits include:

  • Not having to spend money on paper
  • Knowing it’s an eco-friendly way of faxing
  • Not worrying about finding storage space to house records

File cabinets and space rental won’t be necessary because an online fax service usually provides cloud storage space for all your documents.

Secured Transmission of Contents

When choosing a reliable solution it is very important to pick an option that offers added benefits. This involves data verification, password protection, and data encryption to keep the exchanged data safe and secure. Although traditional systems offer more safety at data theft, digital faxing also it is now possible to integrate advanced technology to keep the stuff safer and more secure. however, with additional features of digital transmission like scanning, sending, and receiving papers online it can be considered to be a great choice. 

Start Converting Your Emails to Faxes for More Benefits

Now that you know online faxing has many benefits over conventional faxing, you can start adapting to this more convenient method that offers more security, saves storage space, and is eco-friendly.

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