How to Download a Video from any Website?

Updated on November 26, 2021 | by Ankit

Do you want to save videos from the internet? There is always a possibility that if you see a video on the web, on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, you might want to save it forever with you before it gets removed or vanishes as a huge amount of content is pouring over every single day. To create a copy of the videos that you like and which attract you, it is important that you know the reliable ways and the tools that can help you in this regard as there is no automatic way of downloading videos directly from these platforms or any other online videos platforms like YouTube or daily motion for that matter.

Thanks to modern technology and software apps, due to which video downloading today is very much possible and not only possible but is simply very much easy and simple. There are hundreds of free and paid programs on the web that can help you in downloading content from different websites and video platforms, and we have collected the information about the top tools that can help you in this regard. As we have already told you that there are more than hundreds of tools and apps for saving the videos, but you should at the same time know that not all of them are limitless and easy to use and that is the reason we have shortlisted a good deal of tools below in this few-minute content.


Now let us start with some of the simplest tools on the web; the is a very simple platform for video downloading and saving on your systems. Most of us use YouTube for streaming online content, and it is a fact that YouTube is one of the largest platforms on the web for finding the best and most versatile videos. You guys should know being versatile and the largest does not mean that it also allows you auto-downloading of content, YouTube’s regional filter does not allow you to save videos from all around the world and even if you can save a small percentage of content on your system you just simply can’t access it without using YouTube. Now with the help of this tool and site, you just have to add the URL of the videos that you like along with adding ‘SS’ before the YouTube extension. After this, you just have to click on the green arrow and get going with the saving of the vid!


Small SEO tools is also a very reputed platform for search engine optimization, and other web-related necessities, the video downloading mantra is one of them, in fact, the video downloading mantra is one of the most important ones on the web, and the video downloader tool by the smallseotools is one of the best tools for saving your favorite content and not only from YouTube but from each and every corner of the web. With this online video downloader, you guys should know that you can easily get videos from conventional or social media platforms, you just need their accurate address, and with the help of a couple of clicks, you can grab them to your gallery.

Note: Convert Youtube video to mp3 by using  youtube to mp3 converter

The use of the tool is very easy, and you just have to go to, and you will land to the online video downloader, we will like you guys to know that when you open the tool, you will see a URL bar in which you have to enter the URL address of the video that you like after input just click on the ‘save video’ button below the tool and give it a few seconds. This tool can download high-quality videos, including 4k and 8k content, and this is the reason this tool is more appreciated all around the world. Know that the use of this tool is completely free and limitless!


The fast tube is a very easy to use tool which can work perfectly fine on the top three web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, also you should know that it can work on Safari as well for those of you having IOS on their devices. Now, this is basically a YouTube downloader because of its repute in this regard, but know that you can save videos from platforms all around the web with this tool and that for free too. You can add it as an extension on your browser, and whenever you are playing or streaming a video on your device, you will simply see a pop-up bar come on the screen asking you for the downloading of a particular YouTube video. You can simply use this bar on the bottom right-hand corner of the video to save it on your device in the quality and format you desire!

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